Want to Learn All About Yarn?

As knitters, it goes without saying that we are nuts for yarn. But while we can be choosy, we don’t always make the right choices. Have you ever bought a beautiful skein that turned into a fugly project? Or have you been baffled by yarn substitution when the yarn for a project isn’t available? Our newest workshop, All About Yarn takes you into the world of fiber and gives you a deeper understanding of the different yarns out there.

Get really close to fiber in our newest workshop.

Let’s start with ply. Every yarn is made up of one or more strands, and the number of strands and the way they play together can really affect your knitted fabric. Ever buy yarn that pills even before you knit it? Or wonder why some yarns produce big-n-bouncy cables while others remain flat and lifeless? Did your rectangular scarf end up with a weird slant? Understanding ply helps you choose yarns that will work best for the project you want to make.

Super heavyweight: just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Credit: Vavchyn Taras/Getty Images

Weight is another issue for knitters—yarn weight, that is. While it’s sometimes possible to use a heavier or lighter yarn than the project calls for, doing so will definitely affect your gauge. Even for projects where gauge is not a big issue, changing up your yarn weight can really alter the feel of a project. A cozy cowl can become distressingly floppy, or the flowing shawl you envisioned might morph into something with all the drape of a 2×4, depending on your yarn choice.

Then there is the fiber itself, arguably the most fun to learn about. While you know that wool is very different from cotton, all wools are not the same. If you’ve ever compared a Merino sweater with one knit in Icelandic lopi yarn, you know what I’m talking about. And what about mohair, cashmere, silk, linen, and synthetic fibers? Each has its own properties: warmer, cooler, stronger, fluffier, smoother. And once you start thinking about fiber AND ply AND weight . . . well, it’s a lot to consider.

Instructor Jennifer Raymond—knitter, crocheter, and spinner—covers all this and more. With charts, diagrams, and oodles of photogenic beasties, All About Yarn will make you think about yarn in new ways and let you choose and use any yarn with confidence. Check out her workshop today!

All About Yarn is available as a streaming workshop you can watch anywhere, anytime. Want a deal? Subscribe to Interweave’s online workshops and tackle new techniques without leaving the house. For $9.99 a month, you can binge-watch to your heart’s content. Knit, crochet, spin, weave . . . hone a craft, or learn a new one. Watch videos from great instructors and access and download plenty of supporting material like charts, diagrams, and patterns. Interact with other students via our chat boards, and post your finished assignments to a shared gallery so others can see your work.

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