Adventures in Needle Felting: 4 Free Projects!

Cate Prato, editor of Cloth Paper Scissors Today, recently put together a free eBook that contains four exciting felting projects. I thought you might like to get your hands on this eBook, so here's Cate to tell you more!

1. Felt-making for embroidery and mixed media; 2. Hand needle-felted trading cards; 3. Fun with needle felting; 4. Autumn in the forest

Four Creative Felting Lessons

If you want more texture in your artwork, one of the quickest and most satisfying ways to get it is to incorporate handmade felt.

Felting is among the oldest of textile techniques, the product of a magical combination of raw materials and simple manipulation with friction or needles.

Wet felting and hand needle felting are experiencing a renaissance as artists create their own artisanal textiles, including felt fabric.

The advent of the needle-felting machine, also known as an embellisher, not only allows artists to create new, unique felting projects, but to do so quickly.

In our new, free eBook, "Learn How to Felt: 4 Free Projects Using Needle Felting and Wet Felting Techniques from Cloth Paper Scissors," we give you techniques for incorporating felt and felting into your mixed-media projects.

In "Adventures in Felt Making for Embroidery," Sarah Lawrence teaches you basic wet felting using felting supplies as simple as wool roving and kitchen provisions. Once you have your felt base, you can go on to embellish your piece with foil, beads, wire, and found objects to make unique felt projects.

Hand needle felting is a low-tech process that allows you to create felted motifs. Kelli Perkins shows you how to needle felt with simple felting instructions.

In "Fiber Effects: Hand Needle-Felted Trading Cards," you'll quickly see how easy it is to make your designs pop with colorful roving, hand needle felting, and embroidery floss.

Beryl Taylor is a huge fan of the needle felting machine. In "Fun with Needle Felting," she creates a mixed-media scroll and book combining fibers, fabric foils, rubber stamps, and fusible webbing.

Her felting techniques will broaden your concept of machine needle felting and felt projects.

If you've ever wondered how you could use half-completed knitting projects or felt yarn scraps in a mixed-media piece, Beate Knapp will show you. Her "Autumn in the Forest" tutorial is a creative exercise in machine needle felting with fibers, embroidery, and found rusty bits.

Making your own felt projects is so much fun and so satisfying. We know you will enjoy creating with the information provided by these creative artists in "Learn How to Felt: 4 Free Projects Using Needle Felting and Wet Felting Techniques from Cloth Paper Scissors." Download it now, for free, to get started!

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