Adele Sweater

Adele has been inspired by Klimt's painting of Adele Bloch- Bauer and Susan Duckworth's "Harlequin" cardigan from the late 1980's.   I am exploring the technique of intarsia and colour currently and more importantly methods of using left over yarns and impulse purchases creatively.

The design process was relatively straightforward as I used a spreadsheet to repeat the surface design and check the design placement against a simple sweater schematic to ensure the seams looked attractive and the patterning lined up.  The shape of the sweater is based on a relatively simple classic shape with an emphasis on a good fit.  The so called Designer knits of the '70's and '90's are generally oversized and unflattering in my opinion although the surface design may be exquisite.

The most valuable lesson I have learnt is not to be afraid of using colour.  Up till now I have adopted a regimented approach to repeating colours but by being less restricted in my approach I have managed to avoid obvious striping and pooling of colours evident in a couple of previous projects.

This version is currently in one size only – approx a UK10 and completed on 2.25mm needles for the rib and 2.5mmn for the geometric design.  Around 80g of yarn is needed for the rib and at least 450g for the intarsia to allowfor the inevitable waste from breaking and rejoining yarn.  Fingering/4ply yarns are recommended, I have used KnitPicks palette.  A schematic is available here with suggestions for completing. It is easily editable and indeed hoped that users would enjoy creating their own unique sweater.

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