Adding a Crochet Loop Stitch Edging


When my daughter Michela was a toddler, my mother gave her a book that was a collection of stories by noted children’s book author, Richard Scarry. The book had a lion on the front cover, so it was christened by Michela and known around our house as the “yi-yah” book.

It was a much-loved book and we read it so often that the cover eventually fell off. But we always referred to it as the “yi-yah” book, long after the lion had disappeared (and long after Michela could pronounce her L’s).

I thought of that book when I first saw Stacey Gerbman’s charming pullover from the upcoming Summer 2011 issue of Interweave Knits. The body and sleeves of the sweater are worked in stockinette stitch and the lion is added to the front of the pullover during finishing. The lion’s body is embroidered using chain stitch. The lion’s head is a circle worked in single crochet, which is sewn onto the body after the face is embroidered and the mane is added.

For the lion’s mane, Stacey cleverly uses crochet loop stitch, which gives the lion its three-dimensional aspect and greatly increases the “cute-ness” factor.

The crochet loop stitch edging is worked with the wrong-side of the lion’s head facing. With the crochet hook, pull up a loop of the orange color yarn and chain 1.

Photo 1: Wrap the yarn counterclockwise around your left index finger and pull up to make a long loop. Insert the hook into the next single crochet stitch, then rotate the hook so that it goes behind both strands of the long loop. Catch both strands of the loop and… loop1
Photo 2: …draw them through the single crochet stitch—there are now three loops on the hook.
Photo 3: Yarn over with the working yarn.
Photo 4: Draw the yarn through all three loops on the hook. Loop4

Repeat these steps around the edge of the lion’s head, then join with a slip stitch to the beginning chain 1.

And that’s it. Sew the head onto the body, add a few other details, and the sweater is ready to present to the “yi-yah” loving youngster in your life!

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