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Check out Sandi's Measuring Tutorial With Photos for more info.

Ease: Positive versus Negative

What is ease? Simply put: Ease is the extra fabric that allows space between you and your garments–space for things like moving, breathing, comfort, and extra layers of other clothing. The greater the ease in a pattern, the more fabric there is, and thus the more roomy space there is between you and your sweater. That's positive ease! Negative ease means that there isn't any fabric to spare, that the fabric actually must stretch to cover your body. The more negative ease in a pattern, the more the fabric must stretch over a given curve.

In other words: Positive ease: loose-fitting. Negative ease: curve-hugging and clingy.

FINISHED Bust Measurement

Why we care what it is: This is used as the benchmark measurement in knitting patterns for each of the different sizes offered.

What it IS: A measurement of the finished GARMENT, after it is knitted, blocked, and seamed (if needed). As such, it includes any positive or negative ease desired for the proper fit.

What it is NOT: A measurement of your exact bust size, unless you want it to be! It is also NOT your bra band size. Mixing up the two measurements is the single most common mistake knitters make. (The bra band size is a formula used by the lingerie industry, not an actual body measurement, nor anything close to your sweater size!)

How to find it: Lay the completely finished (again, knitted, blocked and seamed) garment on a flat surface, right side out, front up. Pat the garment flat, without overstretching it. Measure across the bustline from side to side at the widest point–generally just under the armholes. Multiply by two (front plus back), and this is the measurement of the finished sweater.

FULL Bust Measurement

Why we care: This is a measure of your body, which you add/subtract ease and styling factors to, and thus determine which finished bust size to make.

What it IS: The circumference of your chest at its fullest/curviest/most voluptuous point. Yes, this means measuring around the fullest part of The Ladies. 🙂

What it is NOT: This is NOT your bra band size! It is also not your underbust measurement, nor your high bust measurement.

How to find it

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