A Universal Knitting Problem

I learned many interesting things from the hundreds of emails y'all sent in response to the post about my “big” mistake in the Vine Lace Baby Hat.
(Not the least of these was that "verklempt" is more often spelled "fahrklempt." Thanks to all the language buffs who pointed that out!)

As I read through all the stories (and I did read every single one), I learned several important things; however, one problem stood out from all the rest and thus seems to be universal:


  • Getting it to fit can be a fight. No matter how many tape measures we knitters have, it seems that getting our handknit sweaters/socks/mittens to fit is a major challenge. Many of you described knitting all the pieces of a sweater and seaming them up, only to find you had knit a garment worthy of either King Kong or an octopus. I think my favorite story was from Kristin, who proudly stepped back after making her sweater only to find she had sewn both sleeves into the same armhole. (The only reason I can laugh at that is that I myself once knit two heels onto the same sock.)

    Lesson: Measure while you knit. Don’t wait until the entire piece is finished—check your progress along the way, so if you have to rip back or make adjustments, you won’t feel too badly about the whole thing. (Kristin, I am not sure how this solves the sewing-both-sleeves-into-the-same-armhole situation. Perhaps more coffee? Or less?)

    Next time: Learning from your wisdom.

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