A Tale of Two Swatches

Like a lot of people, I have tons (tons!) of variegated and striping yarns in my stash. I love a riot of color, and the more the better! However, it's always a challenge to find a project that highlights the yarn without obscuring any kind of interesting stitch pattern. Garter stitch looks great in multicolored yarns, but sometimes you want something a little more interesting to work on. When I saw the Brick Cowl from Rustic Modern Knits by Yumiko Alexander, I was impressed with the combination of yarn and pop-up stitch pattern– what a great pairing! The short-rows make great use of the long color runs, creating a square wave pattern. The design is fun and interesting, and the stripes of color are definitely up my alley. The striped yarn, Zauberball Starke 6 (distributed by Skacel), comes in a great range of colors, from a springy pink, cream, and green combo to a dark, somber mix of grey, blue, and brown.

Because I know not everyone is into multicolored yarns, I knit a swatch in a semisolid color to see what the pop-up pattern would look like. A solid color definitely shows the stitch pattern much more distinctly, and would still be a great choice for those of you who prefer a more subtle look. Personally, I prefer the funky striped look, but either way it would still be a lovely accessory.

Which do you prefer? Are you a funky, multicolor-lover, or more a classic solid person?

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