A Scarf for Winter

It is a scarf time of year. Where we are in Colorado anyway, winter isn't coming, it has arrived, in all its blustery, snowy, splendor. As the temperature drops, I have a thing about "cold gaps," those sneaky little places between say, sleeve and mitten, coat and pants, or hat and coat where the cold comes in and ruins everything. I tend to buy shirts with classy thumb holes and keep said shirts tucked into my pants to combat the former two issues, and scarves take care of the latter. Sometimes, in the words of the immortal Jean Shepherd, "getting ready to go to school [well, work for me] was like getting ready for extended deep-sea diving."

I like making scarves throughout the winter because they can be worn immediately. I have a long, brown, down jacket that has become my winter staple, and if I do not dress it up with some kind of accessories I tend to look like a tree trunk (even with accessories I probably look like a tree trunk, but I like to think that scarves and hats lessen the image a bit). If you are looking to cast on something new, to knit and wear quickly, check out the new Autumn Scarf Kit.

Yes, yes, it says "autumn" and I've been going on and on about winter. But this scarf is a great transitional piece, a nice accessory in fall, becoming a necessary cold-gap-protector in the winter. Iris Schreier's scarf only requires one skein of yarn, TSCArtyarns Zara Hand-Dyed, in Crimson Red. The scarf is triangular, shaped with short-rows, making it engaging to knit and stylish to wear. The yarn is 100% merino, and therefore soft and cozy even before you knit it up, and the crimson color is rich and warm and perfect for this time of year. Check out the yarn:

Winter may not yet have arrived where you are, but, for most of us, it will eventually make its debut! Get your scarves ready, and if you need a new one, to wear or to give, the Autumn Scarf is perfect. One skein of yarn combined with an engaging pattern makes for solid knitting time and a beautiful end result!


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