A Perfect Knit Sweater: The Clear Creek Pullover

The Clear Creek Pullover by Carol Feller

Those of you who've been reading Knitting Daily for awhile know that I love sweater knitting. Whether it's a cable knit sweater or a stockinette beauty, I'm in.

The Clear Creek Pullover by Carol Feller, from the Fall 2013 Interweave Knits is another knit sweater trifecta: Fabulous yarn, an easy pattern with a cool trim, and it's knit top-down. Yes! It's also got this cool edging that incorporates and elongated drop stitch.

I've used this technique to make scarves, but never as an edging for a sweater. It's really neat and surprising to see this stitch used in a sweater; geniuses, those knitwear designers.

Here's how you work the edging stitch.

Elongated Stitch Edging
Madelinetosh Pashmina in Steam Age

Elongated Stitch Edging
Note: The following directions are for knitting in the round. To get this look knitting in rows, knit all rows.

Round 1 Purl.
Round 2 Knit.
Round 3 Purl.
Round 4 *K1, wrapping yarn 2 times around right needle; rep from * around.
Round 5 *P1, dropping both wraps from left needle; rep from * around.
Rounds 6 and 8 Knit.
Rounds 7 and 9 Purl.
Rounds 10-17 Rep Rounds 2-9.
Round 18 Knit.

Besides this cool edging, the Clear Creek Pullover is knit from luscious Madelinetosh Pashmina, which is a blend of merino, silk, and cashmere. Yummy. The colorway is steam age, which is lovely. I've felt this yarn and it's so soft. I can imagine an entire sweater made out of this yarn, and it's a good thing!

The Clear Creek also has waist darts, so it's totally flattering. It's details like this that make a knitter love a sweater.

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P.S. Will you knit the Clear Creek Pullover? Leave a comment and tell us what you like about it!

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