A newbie's look at Knitscene Fall 2013


The Fall issue of Knitscene is the first that I have been involved in, albeit in small ways. I was not here for the beginnings of the issue, but I participated in its middle and end stages, reading over copy, double checking that links and page numbers were correct, and working on the Knitting Daily and Ravelry pages. It’s been an awesome learning experience for me, getting to know people in the yarn department and starting to understand all the ins and outs of getting Knitscene into your hands.

Fall is the beginning of sweater knitting season in my mind, and there are so many beautiful garments to make in this issue. As mentioned in a previous blog post, I do not always get along with sweaters, but this issue is encouraging me to set aside past grievances and make up with them. Thayer Preece Parker’s Zahara Cardigan is at the top of my “to make when I get over my fear of sleeves” list, along with Cassie Castillo’s Rosemary Cardigan. The vibrant chevrons of the former and the detailed sleeves of the latter are stand out details that I cannot wait to start making.

Pretty.Sweet.Reversed showcases sweaters that are beautifully detailed and attractively fitted, feminine and functional at the same time. I want to make all of them as well. Not to mention the Correlation Cardigan and Fabrication Pullover from My So-Called Cables. My list of sweaters to make is growing ever longer, and shows no sign of shortening any time soon.      
Amy Gunderson's
Correlation Cardigan
Josie Mercier's
Fabrication Pullover

If, like me, you find yourself needing a break from sleeves, after some meditative breathing and a restorative pep talk, I suggest you dive into some of the smaller projects in this issue. There are hats, mitts, shawls and socks, all perfect for taking on the go. The designs are vibrant and engaging and unique to boot. Ágnes Kutas-Keresztes' Gallarate Mitts and Beret have awesome chevrons and would look fantastic in all sorts of color combinations. It's always good to have a matching hat and mitts for when winter decides to come rumbling through. If you would like a more in depth and detailed preview of the Fall issue, head to the sneak peek Amy wrote last week.

Today I have a hard copy of Knitscene Fall in my hands, and it's a really wonderful feeling to see my name along side so many other knowledgeable and talented people. This is a physical reminder of why I am so pleased to be working at Knitscene. I love this magazine. I love that I want to make everything in this magazine. It’s a true pleasure to be working with people who love what they do and are proud of what they create. I’ve interacted with designers and business owners who have been giving of their time and knowledge, and have been and continue to be incredibly helpful to a newbie like me. People in this industry share what they know, and the whole community benefits. It's pretty awesome.

Happy (sleeve) knitting!

P.S. What do you think of the new issue? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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