A new year, a new sweater

In keeping with my resolutions, finishing my UFOs and knitting from my stash, I'm thinking about starting with the second one, and as I do, totally blowing the first one. I didn't realize how these resolutions worked against each other, but oh, well!

Anyway, I have sweater-quantity of a beautiful blue cashmere-blend yarn (Cascade Cash Vero) and I want to put it to work. I've gone through the newest pullover sweater knitting patterns in the Knitting Daily Shop and picked three that I love. All of them happen to be top-down patterns, which I personally prefer because I like to try them on as I go. Take a look:


The Piccadill Pullover by Debbie O'Neill is so pretty. The neckline is the star here, with its lace work on the front bodice and square shape. I might make the neck a bit smaller so there's not such a large opening. I think I can do this by casting on fewer stitches, as long as I keep the front panel stitch-count as written in the pattern so the lace pattern comes out correctly.

This pattern is knit from the top down, but in pieces, which is an interesting construction method. The Picadill might be able to be converted to top-down in the round, but I haven't delved into the pattern far enough to be sure. If this pattern is the one I knit, I'll look into it.

The Lapis Yoke pullover by Hannah Fettig is an easy knitting pattern with a lot of bang for its buck. It's a simple pullover with a rib that gets larger as the knitting progresses.

Stitches are increased between the ribs to increase the ribs themselves, going from a K1/P1 at the beginning of the rib to a K1/P4 at the end of the yoke. Such a simple but elegant method to increase stitches! Hannah is so creative. I like the deep rib at the waist, too.

The Rayonnant Pullover by Rosemary Hill is just a beauty, isn't it? The simple lace pattern on the yoke is so eye-catching and the eyelet increases on the raglan sleeves perfectly integrate themselves into the lacy details.

I like the finishing on the sleeves and hem—purl one row, knit three rows and bind off. The purl row adds a nice detail. If I knit this one, I think I'll shorten the sleeves to bracelet-length.

Now you get to vote! Pick your favorite, take our survey, and I'll knit the winner! Maybe you'll even want to knit along with me.


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