A new knit-along for Spring!

It's that time again, knitters! I've chosen five patterns for your perusal and knit-along voting..

Spring it trying its best to arrive, and I thought we could help it along with some warm-weather knit-along choices!

These patterns will take you from spring to summer and beyond—we've got some shawls, a tee, and a cardigan; sort of a potpourri of knitting for women!

Here are the contenders:

The Clementine Shawlette is one of my favorites. I love the lace pattern and how designer Michele Rose Orne put the ties on each end. This is a wonderful wrap to have on hand in the springtime. The Impasto Shawlette by Susanna IC is made from a smooth cotton yarn using a slip-stitch colorwork pattern. Choose your colors right and you can wear this beauty with any outfit!

Mandy Moore's Emily Shawl is a great pattern for beginning lace knitters. Its triangular shape makes it a versatile accessory; you can wear it over your shoulders or with the V in front and the ends wrapped around your neck and tied in the front kerchief-style. The Lace Saddle Tee by Lisa Rowe is simplicity with a bow on top! It's a straightforward stockinette pattern, but the lace-motif shoulders are the star. Yarn choice will be really fun with this one, I think I'd go with a bright color. And, as you can see, it works great as a layering piece.
I'm not trying to influence you AT ALL, but this one is my favorite. It's the Maple Street Cardigan by Cecily Glowick MacDonald. I love the ruffles (I know, I know I'm slightly obsessed with ruffles), but the cardi is equally cute without them. This is a top-down construction, which makes it easy to customize because you can try it on as you go. I particularly like top-down sweaters because I usually add a couple of inches to the total length so trying on as I go is helpful. I would add several inches to the Maple Street because as shown it would hit me in a bad spot. Yarn choice for this would be fun, too—it's designed for worsted-weight so you have lots of choices.

What do you think? Check out each of these on Ravelry if you want to see more photos and yarn options, then choose your favorite and take the survey.

I'll announce the winner on April 8. May the best pattern win!


P.S. Not on Facebook? Just leave your vote below as a comment and I'll include it in the tally.

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