A New Contest: Enter to Win Tahki Patterns and Yarn!


Tahki Yarns has introduced a really novel yarn this season called Ringo. It's a multicolored wool-blend with a chain-link construction that can be knit in a number of ways—either in the usual knitting techniques or by picking up variations of the linked loops in the yarn and pulling them through the stitches in the previous row.

The Bronte Vest shown here is a great example of creating a mesh fabric with Ringo. Tahki Yarns will be offering a knit-along for this vest next month. Click here for more information on the Bronte KAL.

Tahki Yarns has also set up instructional videos on the various knitting techniques you can use with Ringo. If you want to check them out, please click here.

Enter a random drawing for Tahki Yarns' new Fall/Winter 2012 Anthology Collection (in which you'll find the Bronte Vest, Austen Cowl (below) and twenty other designs for the season). Two lucky winners will receive the pattern collection book and enough Tara Tweed yarn for a future knit-along project.

Click on the image below to enter!

Good luck!

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