A Matched Set

Do you like things to match? I do, sorta. I don't love a matchy-match, such as patterned tee shirt with a hoodie lined with that same patterned fabric, but I do like to pick up colors among the elements of my outfit. A stripped scarf in which one of the stripes matches my top; that's what I'm talking about.

I think it's fun to match my winter accessories, sometimes, as well. I like a black hat and black gloves, for example. Throw in a black and gray scarf and you're stylin'.

We've got a really cute set of outerwear all kitted up for you—the Whitewood Beret and Mitts by Robin Melanson, from Interweave Knits Fall 2014.

What I really like about this set is the beautiful cable work. The beret is made with a combination of braid cables and keyhole cables. The way the cables come together at the top of the hat is just beautiful. Look!

Whitewood Beret

The mitts are made with keyhole cables with smaller braided cables on the sides. The palms are smooth stockinette stitch. These are so cute, and the detail of the colored buttons is really darling.

Whitewood Mitts

One of the details in this pattern is twisted ribbing. Robin uses this stitch pattern in the cuffs and hand ribbing of the mitts, and the brim of the beret. Twisted ribbing is really wonderful for slouchy hats like this beret, because it's firmer than regular ribbing and it holds the hat where you want it. Twisted rib is the same as regular ribbing, but you knit into the back loop and purl into the back loop. Working into the back-loop makes the rib firmer than regular rib, and it also stands out from its background a bit more, making it a nice design detail.


I like that the twisted rib is used it on the mitts, too. The cuffs will stay snug and the hand ribbing won't flare out after several wearings. Nice job, Robin!

Get your Whitewood Beret and Mitts Kit today! The yarn is the beautiful Filatura di Crosa Zara Chine from Tahki Stacy Charles, and there are three colors (shown at right) to choose from: Light Taupe, Dark Taupe, and Silver. I love that silver.


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