A Little Bit of Green

I love the song "Little Green" by Joni Mitchell—especially the part where she talks about bringing the crocuses to school. I always think of spring when I hear this song, even in the midst of a harsh winter like the one that's gripping many parts of the U.S. this year.

Monsoon Shawl by Angela Tong
Detail of the Lovebird Sweater by Donna Kay

But spring is coming, bring crocuses, daffodils, and new knitting patterns! Interweave Knits Spring 2014 is in the Knitting Daily Shop now, and it evokes thoughts of spring and the fairer weather it will bring.

Here's Knits editor Lisa Shroyer to tell you more.

Of Changing Seasons and Far-Away Travels

Oh, spring. I'm writing this in the heart of gloomy winter, and spring seems so far, so green, so mythical right now. But I know time only moves in one direction, and I know that green morning is coming.

For now, I'm still in reflective new-year mode. As I approve the final pages for this issue, I'm reminded of the past year, of the work we did to produce these articles and projects, of the things I did during that process. I went to India! That was a life-changing trip. My colleague Karin Strom and I were invited by Knitter's Pride to visit the factory and tour the company's homeland.

Millay Jacket by Véronik Avery
Brick Lane Pullover by Amanda Scheuzger

I also served as a guest judge on The Fiber Factor; a reality knitting competition! I visited astonishing locations for photo shoots. I stood on the plains and watched a herd of wild horses run over a ridge and toward me at full speed. I touched the marble inlay in the walls of the Taj Mahal. I knitted on airplanes and in hotel rooms and met such people as Vickie Howell, as well as delightful new designers. I shared a feast with old friends from the yarn industry. I opened box after box of project submissions in my living room, spread the swatches out on the hardwood floor, and imagined the possibilities.

Working on this magazine is a constant source of possibility for me. I am grateful for the challenge and fulfillment of it. And it has offered me some amazing experiences along the way. One of my favorite memories from the trip to India was on the six-hour train ride from Haridwar to Delhi. On the bench across from us was an Indian couple.

Like everyone I met, both were very friendly. I started knitting. Knitting led to conversation and they, who turned out to be traveling yoga instructors, wanted to understand what I did for a living. I explained that I edited a magazine about knitting, which seemed to puzzle them a bit. I wish I'd brought some magazines, I thought!

Then I remembered, on my iPad in my bag, I had the Interweave Knits Winter issue. I gaily pulled out the iPad, opened the app, and passed the device over to them. They sat there and read the whole thing! It was delightful. They asked questions as they read through it, and the man was particularly excited by the piece on novelist Alice Hoffman, about how knitting became part of her meditative approach to life in the wake of her cancer diagnosis. "It is like meditation, isn't it?" he looked up and asked me, gesturing at the knitting in my lap.

"Yes," I smiled and nodded. And I believe that.

Here's wishing you wonder and possibility in 2014.

P.S. Get your copy of Spring 2014 Interweave Knits now, and cast on one of these fabulous new designs!

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