A Knitting Resolution for 2012

My project to look forward to after I finish all of my UFOs:
Twisted Diamonds Socks by Ann Budd, from Sockupied

I'm not a huge resolution person. I think about them, about how it would be great if I made them and actually kept them, but really, who does? I don't know anyone who's been hugely successful with a new year's resolution. Do you?

This year, though, I'm turning over a new leaf. I'm making just one resolution and I intend to keep it. Really.

My resolution is to finish all of my UFOs. Ack! Can I do it? I think I can, I think I can.

The first thing I'll do is evaluate each UFO (unfinished object, in case you didn't know), and decide if I really want to finish it. If not, I'll ravel it and save the yarn for something more worthy. I've got a few things in progress that I really love and some things that are obsolete, like a tiny intarsia sweater for my nephew who's now 6. I think it might fit his thigh. I would finish it and give it to an appropriately sized baby but I just don't like it that much. And if I'm going to do an intarsia sweater, I want to love it. Know what I mean?

I have numerous pairs (soon-to-be pairs, I should say) of socks to finish; two sweaters, one of which has been on the needles for three years, and I really do still like it; several scarves; and who knows what else I'll find in the "in-progress" bin. I'm kind of excited to look through it and kind of scared.

Some of my UFOs. From left to right: A sweater sleeve (the last piece to the sweater), a cowl that just needs its ends woven in; two-thirds of a sock, and a lonely blue toe (the other sock is done, I just can't find it!).

The interesting thing about so many of my UFOs is that they're so close to being finished. I think I could actually complete them all in a couple months of my regularly scheduled knitting. I just have to keep myself from starting anything new, which is really the problem. I get easily sidetracked when I see a new project that I want to make; I go into that, "Ooooh, shiny!" mode and drop what I'm doing to start on the shiny, new project.

I think I need something to look forward to starting while I finish up my in-progress projects. And I pick . . . a new pair of socks! Specifically, the Twisted Diamond Socks by Ann Budd from the inaugural issue of Sockupied. I love them. Bonus—both issues of Sockupied are on sale until 12/28/11, and they're terrific. Check them out in the Knitting Daily Store!


P.S. Upon looking through my stash and UFOs, I came up with another resolution: donate the yarn that I'll never use. I've come across some surprisingly lovely yarny finds at Goodwill, so I think I'll add mine to the mix. Or maybe there's another charity you know of that I can donate to! Please let me know in the comments.

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