A knitter’s stash of gifts

Candle Cozies
Felted Hot Pads
Ruffled Bottle Sleeve

I like to have a lot of stashes—fabric, ribbon, paper, yarn, cooking supplies, and so on.

Whenever possible I love to give a handmade gift, especially a knitted gift, but time doesn't always permit it. So, I've started stashing finished gifts!

Our book Interweave Presents Knitted Gifts is now available as an eBook, (which means you can save it onto your iPad or Android and other e-devices—hooray!) and it's my go-to resource for handknitted gifts.

I love so many of the knitting patterns in this book, but here are some of my particular favorites:

Candle Cozy by Ann Budd
A lacy pattern adds interesting shadows to flickering candlelight. Knit up two or three of these, add beautifully scented candles, and you've got a really special gift.

Felted Hot pads by Therese Inverso
I have a small collection of hot pads. I know, it sounds like an odd thing to collect, but I made a couple in a sewing class and it was so much fun! I have a knitting machine and I've cranked out about five pairs of Therese's hot pads for hostess gifts. I gave a set to our Thanksgiving host last year and they were used immediately to take the turkey out of the oven!

Ruffled Bottle Sleeve by Ann Budd
We all like to bring a little something to our hosts, and a bottle of wine almost always fits the bill. I love to add one of these little sleeves; I feel like it elevates the gift from the ubiquitous to the whimsical. The sleeves are also practical because they protect the table from wine drips, not to mention using up little bits of leftover sock yarn!

Bobble Bookmarks by Ann Budd
These are my new favorites. I enjoy "book match-making": passing books along to people I think would enjoy them. I've started including one of these little bookmarks when I give a book, and they're always met with a smile. Here's the pattern for you!

Bobble Bookmarks

Bobble Bookmarks

Materials: A few yards of some leftover sportweight yarn and size US 3 needles.

Leaving a tail about 26" long, make a slipknot and place on needle. [K1f&b] 3 times—6 sts. Work even in stockinette stitch  for 6 rows. Pass the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth sts over the first st—1 st. Cut yarn, leaving a 26" tail. Tie the cast-on and bind-off tails together in a square knot to shape the bobble.

Make two more bobbles the same way. Tie three bobbles in a cluster by tying the tails in an overhand knot close to the bobbles. Hold the bobble cluster steady (tape them to a tabletop or close them in a drawer) and working the two tails from each bobble as a unit, work a three-strand braid for about 10" or desired length. Tie another overhand knot to secure the ends. Trim close to the knot.

Download Interweave Presents Knitted Gifts now and join me in building a gift stash!


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