A Knitted Cowl: The new go-to accessory

It seems like cowls are everywhere today, in stores and on the needles. I can see why they're popular—they're useful, quick to knit, and they're often one-skein wonders. A knitting trifecta if I've ever seen one.

Knitted cowls can be real stash-buster patterns, too. One of my friends used to own a yarn shop, and she has more yarn than she knows what to do with. She decided to use up some of her onsies and twosies knitting cowls. She knit one a month, mostly in just stockinette with garter-stitch edging. She used an easy knitting pattern that she developed using her gauge swatch.

She was working with Aran-weight yarn, getting 4 stitches to the inch. She wanted her cowl to be about 22 inches around, so she cast on 88 stitches. She knit (in the round) six rows of garter stitch, about eight inches of stockinette stitch, six more rows of garter stitch, and then she bound off. Voila! A cowl.

Want more? Check out these designs:

Nederland Circle Scarf by Cecily Glowik MacDonald The Surface Breeze Cowl by Courtney Kelley

The Shadow Rib Cowl by Amy Polcyn
The Midtown Cowl by Jenny Williams

Cute, eh? I knitted the Midtown Cowl as a Christmas gift, and it's absolutely stunning. The recipient said that she'd seen knit cowls like that at Nordstrom, but not as beautiful.

Download one of these patterns (or one of our many other cowl patterns) today—they're all on sale!


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