A Knitted Chain

A note from Kathleen: Sock Month continues, with sock knitting patterns and techniques for you. Today, Sockupied editor Amy Palmer is here to tell you about a beautiful and unique sock design. Welcome Amy!

The Chain Socks

As part of our Sock Month celebration, we’re releasing two kits from Sockupied Spring 2015, both featuring Mone Dräger’s awesome Chains Socks. We’ve partnered with Huckleberry Knits to bring you their awesome sock yarn, Willow, in either North Fork (the green semi-solid) or Mercado (the bright variegated).

Chains sock knitting pattern

An easy slip-stitch pattern helps avoid pooling in variegated yarns while still creating a knock-out sock knitting pattern in a semi-solid colorway.

I started my knitting career primarily as a sock knitter, although I went through the scarf-knitting phase most beginning knitters do. I started reading Interweave Knits almost as soon as I started knitting, and one day I came across Ann Budd’s On Your Toes Socks in Interweave Knits Summer 2007. I’d made only one pair of socks, but this sock pattern pretty much changed my life—well, as far as my knitting goes.

To this day, I don’t consider myself a toe-up or top-down sock knitter, but Ann’s socks were my first pair of toe-up socks, my first time doing a short-row heel, my first time making socks for myself. Here’s an absolutely terrible photo—sorry about that.

Amy's first socks, On Your Toes by Ann Budd

My first socks, On Your Toes by Ann Budd

This is also the first, and to this day, only, sock knitting pattern I’ve ever used more than once, though on my second go I only used the numbers and knit plain stockinette socks.

That, to me, is the beauty of sock knitting. Within a finite amount of space, we can play and experiment and try out new things, learn new techniques.

Chains sock knitting patternSpeaking of new techniques, here are my favorites for knitting top-down socks, which is how the Knitted Chains socks are knit:

  • Old Norwegian cast-on. This is also called the Twisted German cast-on, if you’re familiar with that term. It’s a simple variation on the long tail cast-on, so it’s easy to remember, and it has a nice defined edge that’s stretchier than long tail cast-on.
  • I love a good heel flap and gusset combination, though I freely admit that there are many heel options I haven’t yet tried. Kate Atherley created a Gapless Gusset video and Go-To Sock Pattern for practicing perfect heel flap and gussets.
  • Finally, I like a basic wedge toe, with decreases at the sides, and Kitchener stitch to finish.

Celebrate Sock Month—order your Knitted Chains Sock Kit—in semi-solid green or colorful variegated—and cast-on!

Happy knitting,
P.S. Do you have a favorite sock technique? Leave a comment and share it with us!

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