A Holistic Approach to Knitting: Knitting Daily TV Series 1400

KDTV1400Many knitters aren’t just knitters. We’re also crocheters, spinners, dyers, weavers—if we can get our hands on some yarn, we will. We love to learn different and interesting ways to use our beloved medium, and there are so many possibilities that it’s hard to get bored or run out of hobbies within the realm of yarn crafts. That’s what the latest season of Knitting Daily TV is all about—a holistic approach to knitting.

After all the previous seasons of KDTV it’s (almost) surprising that there is still more to cover! In this season, host Vickie Howell guides us through subjects ranging from accessorizing knitting with crystal buttons to spinning your own yarn, from crocheting cables to traditional Norwegian knitting. There is such a wealth of knowledge to be learned in the world of fiber arts, and this season really digs into its many corners in order to give you, the knitter/crocheter/spinner/etc., a more comprehensive understanding of yarn crafts.

Knitscene Assistant Editor (and my office cubicle neighbor) Louisa Demmitt makes a few on-screen appearances this season, as well. She boasts two fun projects, giving us lessons in how to marl yarns and how to knit a hooded sweatshirt. I haven’t seen her clips yet, but I look forward to them, as Louisa is both a skilled knitter and charming human being. Her features are sure to entertain.

The list of designers who drop by includes Patty Lyons, Cirilia Rose, Jeffrey Wall and Dennis Rinkenburger (The Yarn Guys), Donna Druchunas, Rohn Strong, and many more, and we are once again graced with a lesson from Tanis Gray in every episode.

Series 1400 of Knitting Daily TV premieres on PBS on January 15th, so be sure to check your local listings for air times. If you’d rather watch the episodes on your own time, and perhaps binge-watch them (as we are so used to doing nowadays), the DVD of the entire season—that’s thirteen episodes—is on sale now!

I love watching KDTV, whether I’m passively watching just to enjoy the time, or heavily engaged with my knitting in hand. It’s important to me that I make time every day, even if some days it’s just five or ten minutes, to sit down and work on a project, or learn more about a technique or style of knitting. I hope that it’s important to you, too, whatever your chosen craft(s) might be.

Happy yarn crafting!


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