A Great Knitting Escape

Last summer I was lucky enough to join an Interweave Escape in Deerfield, Massachusetts (view from the gorgeous Deerfield Inn is shown above). I had heard about these Escapes, knew they had great instructors and laudable food, but that was pretty much it. I went to “help,” which covered everything from untangling skeins and troubleshooting projects, to driving people on field trips, to making sure everyone got the right entrées at dinner and a full goody bag upon arrival.

Let me tell you right now, it was the most relaxing “work” I’ve ever done. We were in oh-so-bucolic central Massachusetts in August—a world of historic building, blown-out greenery, and noisy cicadas. We were staying in a historic inn, which ticked all 3 of my “must come here again” boxes: comfortable rooms, good coffee available at all hours, and a staff who bent over backward to take care of their guests.

Then there was the knitting stuff: Kate Atherley did several workshops and also served as a “knit doctor,” tirelessly tackling every question and problem thrown at her. People got amazing goody bags, full of yarn books, and assorted knitterly geegaws. There was a lengthy field trip to WEBS, arguably one of the best and largest yarn stores in the country in terms of sheer scale and offerings. And the knitters themselves were a fantastic group—a collective of knitting knowledge, humor, and life wisdom that turned the whole experience into something bigger and better than I ever expected.

Interweave Escape

Sunnyside Restaurant & Lodge on Lake Tahoe, the location for Romi Hill’s upcoming Interweave Escape

Interweave Escapes take place year-round across the country, from Maine to Washington. Upcoming instructors include Romi Hill, Laura Nelkin, and Lorilee Beltman. If you have ever considered doing one but hesitated, I suggest you jump at the next chance.

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