A Finished Object! + Meet Knitscene’s own Fashion Fiend

Eyelet Corset Pullover Knitscene Fall 2009

I've been talking about the Eyelet Corset Pullover from Knitscene Fall 2009, and in the space of a couple weeks, I whipped up this sweater in my own size.

I'm happy with the way it turned out. It's lightweight and comfortable, and highlights my curves. It's a dramatic look—bright pink, big gauge, sweeping lines over the bust. I tried it on over a few dresses, but finally liked the casual styling with a camisole and linen pants best. I would recommend a good, supportive bra to keep those diagonal lines looking fresh—with strapless bras, I found they got a little droopy looking (the lines!). On my post about the Freyja Sweater, a reader inquired about bra straps showing with wide necklines–the beauty of the Eyelet Corset is that the neck/shoulder width is completely adjustable–just seam the shoulders more or less as desired (and as needed to hide those straps).

Now, it's easy for me to say that the sweater looks best styled this way, as my own sense of style is pretty limited to linen pants and flip-flops in general. But Knitscene has always taken a unique stance on knitwear as fashion, and has presented some bold styling over the years. Working on photoshoots, I've had a lot of help from trend-oriented and highly creative people. The newest addition to our team is assistant editor Sharon Riggs. Sharon is a huge help at photoshoots, and she is passionate about fashion.

Sharon Riggs, fashion lover!

And here’s Sharon ~

Hello, hip and fabulous Knitscene readers! And thank you, Lisa, for that gracious introduction. As Lisa mentioned, I pretty much live for fabric, color, texture, silhouette, and different methods of mixing them into something that’s very personal. I think most of us would agree that how we dress affects our mood and what we show to the world each day. There’s something extremely empowering in putting on a flawless, professional outfit for work, and there’s an equally emotional response of comfort and contentment when slipping into your favorite cozy sweater after a hard day. They’re not just clothes; fashion is a conduit of self-expression just as potent as words or paints or music.

The latest issue of Knitscene is a treasure trove of goodies. Kate Sonnick offered up a sensational Stylespotting article based on the Indigo Banded Cardigan, presenting dressed-up and dressed-down looks with this covetable Cowichan sweater. Kate’s insight and visuals bring a myriad of new ideas for a classic garment, and she had me hanging on every word!

Now I’m supposed to pick a favorite project to style… but, but, but, it’s so hard! I’m going to bite the bullet and select the Emerald Isle Cardigan by Melissa Wehrle. It’s a classic shape with nearly unlimited potential, and next time I’ll show you some of the different ways I might wear it—and hopefully give you some fresh ideas, too.

So how do you mix your handknits with your personal style?









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