A Few of My Favorite Knitting Designs

My Central Park Hoodie

So many of my favorite designs debuted in Knitscene magazine—the Central Park Hoodie and the Heather Hoodie, to name just two. Hundreds of people agree with me, too! There are Central Park and Heather Hoodies walking around all over the world; I saw a Heather Hoodie in Seattle just a couple of weeks ago.

These two patterns are just two of the twenty classic knitting patterns included in the new book The Best of Knitscene, a new book edited by Knitscene editor Lisa Shroyer.

The Knitscene mission is "simple, stylish, knitting for the free spirit"—I love it. Simple and stylish knitting is my favorite kind (although I do love a complicated cabled sweater or a challenging construction now and then); I like a project that can travel from couch to knitting group to an airplane with me losing track of where I am in the pattern.

I have quite a list of to-knits from The Best of Knitscene. Want to see?

I'm so attracted to the opulent cable panel on the front of aptly named Opulent Raglan, by Wendy Bernard.

Wendy designed this using her trademark top-down construction, a knitting technique that allows you to try on the garment as it's being knitted to help you get a perfect fit.

The flared cuff is neat, but I think I'd match the waist detail, which is a knitted hem. I like a simpler style, and the flared cuff would be a magnet for dragging across a dinner plate! I'm a little messy . . .

In the name of simplicity, Cecily Glowik MacDonal designed her Pinch Hat, a slouchy garter-stitch cap, to focus on one cool technique—cinching the seaming yarn to gather the side seam.

Try embellishing the hat with a brooch, ribbon, or decorative buttons.

I've got an antique brooch of my great-grandmother's that would work beautifully.

A triangular shawl is so versatile, which is probably one of the reasons it's been a part of women's wardrobes for hundreds of years.

I like to carry one with me in the fall and spring to use as an extra layer. I can bunch it up into a scarf or toss it around my shoulders. I've even draped on over my legs in a movie theater!

Emily's Shawl by Mandy Moore uses an easy leaf lace motif. The shawl is designed with a mohair lace yarn to add a little more warmth.

I predict that by then end of next year I'll have knitted five projects from The Best of Knitscene. That's a pretty high endorsement!

Order your copy of The Best of Knitscene today!


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