A Closer Look and Knitscene Winter

I hope you all have a copy of Knitscene Winter by now, but if not, you can download a digital version or order the print magazine. I wanted to talk a bit today about a new department we added in this issue, called A Closer Look.

In my perfect world, I'd be able to hang out with every reader of the magazine and point out all the cool parts of every single pattern—our designers make some great projects and until you sit down with the pattern, we as readers don't always understand the work and planning that goes into each piece. But my perfect world has not been realized just yet, so we rely on the tools that we have to do that job. For this new department, we're applying those tools to Emma Welford's Cuirassier's Cardigan—a fitted jacket with simple cables at the shoulders, an i-cord bind-off at the edges, and a zipper!

In the magazine, you get to see all of the close up details right on the page, but if you read the magazine on your iPad, we got a little experimental.

Each of those detail shots in the magazine is a pop-up window in the iPad version, and there's even a bonus clip showing you all the way around the garment. Don't worry! If you're not reading Knitscene on an iPad, I'm sharing it here!

We're hoping to do some more fun stuff with the iPad version of the magazine in the future, but we'll always share it here too—it will just be a little delayed.

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