A breath of fresh air: The New Knits

The Cobble Hill Pullover

A note from Kathleen: I received an advance copy of the Spring 2012 issue of Interweave Knits, and it's full of fun, springy, and fascinating designs. I brought it to my knitting group and people oohed and ahhed over the new patterns, adding them to their queues immediately! My favorite design is Mathew Gnagy's Reticulated Pullover. those cables and that collar? Wow.

The Reticulated Pullover
The Odette Cardigan

Or maybe my favorite is Erica Patberg's Cobble Hill Pullover—there's no cable knitting but the design is unique and I love the red. Hmmm. I can't decide, and why should I? There's time to knit both of them, or at least to think a lot about knitting both of them!

Here's editor Eunny Jang to tell you more about this issue.

IN COLORADO, WHERE I LIVE, SPRING COMES WITH startling suddenness, almost with violence. It is the high desert, after all, and our winter is long and cold, with storms that deposit many cumulative feet of snow on the mountains and the hills. Winter is our wettest season. All that precious moisture is stored, frozen solid, in snowbanks and on mountain summits until the spring thaw. And then our rivers suddenly swell and flow mightily, and the world seems to erupt with bud and bloom.

This wild coming-to-life always happens just when you're on the brink-when you can stand to eat no more root vegetables, wood fires only seem to fill the house with smoke, and the wool of that fifth pair of mittens feels unbearably itchy.

After the long, sleepy winter, spring comes to wake us up, and just in time.

This issue of Interweave Knits celebrates spring with eighteen fresh, vivid knits full of bright color and toothsome technique. "Knit Definitive" shows off one ultra-modern sweater. "High Definition" explores gentle textures. "Fancy Work" rethinks beaded knitting.

"Airs and Graces" sets out to discover new ways of knitting airy fabrics. And "Knitting Fundamentals" rounds up some fast, simple knits that show off bold color.

At Interweave Knits we don't want you to miss any of our exiting, innovative designs and technique tutorials, so we invite you to subscribe today!

Now shake off the winter and bring some liveliness to your knitting basket. Spring is just around the corner.

Happy knitting,

P.S. Check out the preview to explore the new Knits in-depth!

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