Choosing a Cardigan Color

DesignerCardigan3I love a good cardigan. They’re hands-down my favorite knitted garment, and definitely the thing I wear the most. I’m one of those people who always runs cold; no matter how warm it is outside, I need to bring a sweater. Here in Colorado, it may be a scorching hot day, but once the sun goes down, it gets chilly really quickly. I was super-excited to see Allyson Dykhuizen’s Lake Superior Cardigan in Knitscene Summer. It’s so light and summery–perfect for throwing on over a tank top or sundress! The construction is very simple, which makes it a great beginner sweater. Also, lace! What could be better for a summer cardigan?

I’m trying to decide what color to make it in. I’ll admit, my go-to cardigan color is grey–not very exciting, right?  I aspire to have a collection of cardis in a multitude of colors, but so far, it’s been mostly neutrals. They may be boring, but they do go with everything. On the other hand, know what also goes with everything? ALL the colors! I can see this being fantastic in one of Lorna’s Laces fabulous multicolored colorways. There are so many great choices, from the more subtle blue-and-purple of River to the more variegated Liberty. The lace is simple enough to shine even in the splashy Rainbow colorway! So what color would you choose? Are you a subtle-and-neutral or bright-and-splashy person?


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