9 Free Knitted Gift Patterns

Knitters are giving people, and we love patterns that help us keep up our supply of knitted gifts! I've gathered nine patterns here that are great for holiday knitting, birthday knitting, or just random act of kindness knitting. I hope you enjoy them! —Kathleen

1. Cabled Globe Ornament by Eunny Jang
2. Chevron Market Bag by Kristen TenDyke
3. Winter Twilight Mitts by Laura Rintala
4. Slouch Hat by Faina Goberstein
5. Two-Color Hat Pattern by Andrea Wong
6. Juliet Scarf by Louisa Harding
7. Nerina Scarf by Kristin Omdahl
8. Honeycomb Socks by Katie Himmelberg
9. Nordic Striped Ball by Lisa Shroyer

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