8 Ribbing Patterns to Customize Your Glove & Mitten Cuffs

We’re deep in the winter season in my area of New York. Literally, we’re knee deep in snow! As I write this, our local meteorologist is calling for over 18 inches of snow in the next 24 hours. You might recall the survival guide I wrote for such an occasion. Those snow day knitting games are a ton of fun to play, but for this storm, I’m going to tuck into a new project—mittens.

I’ve been promising my daughter Lauren a new pair of mittens for ages. Armed with a beautiful skein of Stimpy Lab yarn in the colorway Serape, I’m turning to Kate Atherley’s book Knit Mitts to design a custom, one-of-a-kind pair just for her.

One of the often overlooked places you can customize a mitten is the cuff. Those few inches of fabric that cover your wrist between the end of your coat and the body of your mitten are vital. While it might be easy to just stitch up a simple 1×1 or 2×2 rib, Kate offers several really beautiful ribbing patterns that can make your mittens unique to you.

8 Ribs to Customize Those Mitten Cuffs

mitten cuffs

Twisted Rib (k2tbl, p2): Mulitple of 4 stitches.


mitten cuffs

Twisted Rib (k1tbl, p1): Multiple of 2 stitches.


mitten cuffs

Mistake Rib: Mulitple of 4 stitches.


mitten cuffs

Tight Mock-Cable Rib: Multiple of 4 stitches.


Mock-Cable Rib: Mulitple of 4 stitches, with Right or Left leaning cables (C2R shown here).


Wavy Rib: Multiple of 4 stitches.


Three-Stitch Mock-Cable Rib: Multiple of 4 stitches.


Yarnover Slipped Mock-Cable Rib: Multiple of 4 stitches.

Of these 8 ribbing patterns, 2 stand out as the best options for Lauren’s custom mittens. I imagine the variegated colors of the yarn twisting and turning up the cuff will be lovely in either the Wavy Rib or the Tight Mock-Cable Rib. Do you have a favorite ribbing to use on mittens and gloves? Share in the comments below!

-Kerry Bogert
Editorial Director, Books

Originally posted January 29, 2018. Updated January 17, 2019.

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  1. Nancy G at 8:38 am January 29, 2018

    What’s a “kk1tbl”?

  2. Kerry B at 7:41 am January 30, 2018

    Hey Nancy,

    That’s a typo! Oops. We’ll get that fixed ASAP. It should read k1tbl.

  3. Louise M at 1:27 pm January 21, 2019

    These are the first ribs that have ever wowed me. Thanks!

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