8 Free Sock Knitting Patterns You’ll Love!

Free sock knitting patterns you have to knit.Knitters who classify themselves as sock knitters can never have enough sock yarn or sock knitting patterns. Although you know you can’t possibly knit as many pairs of socks as you have patterns for, you still collect those patterns because you love sock knitting. And who knows, one day you just may tackle all those patterns and have plenty of socks to wear and gift to lucky recipients.


From a fancy lace sock to a bulky pattern, this collection has something for everyone (even beginners). It won’t be long before you have a drawer full of gorgeous hand-knit socks! Each easy to follow pattern has both fully written instructions as well as a chart and provides you with specific information including type of yarn, needle size, gauge and notions needed to finish each pattern, and any other helpful notes. There’s even a handy glossary of knitting terminology perfect for the beginner to learn all about the different stitches used in each pattern. The eight sock patterns in your free download are:

Sock Knitting Patterns You’ll Find Inside:

Genome Socks by Meema Spadola

Genome Socks: Free sock knitting patterns.
Ever notice how much human DNA resembles a knitted cable? This strikingly beautiful sock knitting pattern consists of a cabled twist that goes down the center, making for a remarkable design and get their name for their resemblance to the double helix of human DNA.

On-Your-Toes Socks by Ann Budd

On Your Toes Free sock knitting pattern.
Have a 2×2 rib pattern throughout that can be knit to stop just short of the ankle or as high as over-the-knees. By starting from the toe, you can customize these socks with ease, even deciding the cuff length. The stretchy finish of the ribbed pattern makes them extra cozy.

Time Traveler by Jennifer Raymond

Jennifer updated a stitch pattern from a vintage book with a fun zigzag effect to create a new twist in simple lace socks. The zigzag effect is found in many vintage patterns, but also feels right at home in these everyday socks.

Speed Bump Socks by Deb Barnhill

Speed Bump knitted sock pattern.
Everyone needs at least one pair of whimsical striped socks, and these are a great pair to own. They feature alternating stockinette and ribbing stitches.Self-striping yarns are the “comfort food” of knitting socks. Alternating stripes of bright stockinette and subdued gray ribbing are produced by letting the yarn lead the way. Perfect for your second pair of handknitted socks, these combine the ease of a self-striping yarn with a bit of added polish.

Flying Trapeze Socks by Chrissy Gardiner

Flying Trapeze knitted sock pattern.
These handmade socks might be the perfect gift: Features an eye-catching cable and traveling stitches pattern with options for knitting a lacier design with open eyelets.

Border Socks by Mary Jane Mucklestone

Border Socks Free Sock Knitting Patterns
Border Socks are designed for men and features an intriguing Fair Isle border pattern (a traditional knitting technique named after Fair Isle, the tiny island in the north of Scotland that uses multiple colors to create a pattern). The sidewall ribbing hugs the ankle so these socks will stay put.

Albus Argyle Socks by Anne Berk

Free sock knitting patterns: Knitted Argyle socks.
This is a completely traditional argyle sock, knit from the top down, with solid color heel and toe, traditional gusset and heel shaping. The only new aspect is that it is knit in the round, entirely seamless. These socks are as classy and preppy as a pair of socks can get!

Stranded Boot Stockings by Kari Anderson

Free sock knitting patterns: Stranded boot socks.
Knitting socks goes to a new level with the Stranded Boot Stockings. Corrugated rib, Norwegian snowflakes, and a checkerboard heel add tradition-inspired flourish to these thick, warm stockings.

This eBook is yours — absolutely free — and contains step-by-step instructions for each pattern. Whether you’re knitting socks for the first time or fortieth, there’s a pattern in this free collection for you. Go ahead, download it today and enjoy your free knitted sock patterns. All you have to do is enter your email address and a PDF pattern is sent directly to your inbox. Here’s to happy feet covered in warm, beautiful handmade socks.

So for you sock knitters and sock knitters to-be, we present our free, updated eBook, 8 Free Sock Knitting Patterns!


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