8 Designers to Watch in 2012: Knitscenes Hot List

Last year, I posted a list of 10 hot new knitwear designers to watch in 2011. Looking back at that list, I’m struck by how far some of the designers have come in a year—we see their patterns published everywhere; they’re teaching at events and headlining exotic knitting retreats; they’re writing books; they’re continuing the work of design day in and day out, with all that’s involved in being a self-employed creative. I’ve also had the chance to work a lot of with those 10 designers, which has benefitted Knitscene, Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts, and Interweave Knits Accessories greatly. Thanks for a great year, guys!

So this year, I’d like to start a new hot list. The 8 designers below are contributors I’ve been working with a lot lately, who are either new to the industry or have recently found a foothold in publishing. Or, forgive me—they may simply be new to me! Look for their designs to appear in upcoming issues of Knitscene.

  • Alexandra Beck alexandstacey and on Ravelry Alexandra designs dynamic accessories from her home in Germany. Shawls and lace and kettle dyed yarns come to mind.
  • Andrea Jurgrau Bad Cat Designs and on Ravelry   Andrea is a magnificent lace designer. She incorporates allover patterning and the complex shapes of accessories to lovely effect.
  • Amy Gunderson on Ravelry I’ve taken designs from Amy for all planned issues of 2012 so far! She has a great eye for graphics, restraint in details, and she designs cute, wearable stuff for the modern knitter. And she owns a pizza shop.
  • Kyoko Nakayoshi Cotton & Cloud and on Ravelry Kyoko designs very clever pieces. Shaping, pattern, and silhouette combine in really striking ways in her work. She also works as a pattern translator (Japanese and English).
  • Allyson Dykhuizen The Sweatshop of Love and on Ravelry   Allyson is funky, innovative, and wields color like a size 50 needle in your face.
  • Odessa Reichel OHdessa Knits and on Ravelry Colorful, colorful accessories and supercute garments.
  • Leah B. Thibault Ms Cleaver and on Ravelry Leah has a subtle aesthetic, a simple detail mixes with a muted color and makes an exquisite project. You can see how her sensibility mixes well with the work of Quince and Co., whom she frequently designs for.
  • Jennifer Chase-Rappaport Rocket Boy Knits and on Ravelry  Jennifer is strong with accessories and designs in delightful yarns. And she’s not afraid of odd challenges from quirky editors.


So that’s our list for 2012! Remember to support the designers you love this year. Best wishes for a great year.

~ Lisa




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