7 Ways Pizza is Like Knitting

Is there such a thing as “not knitting” when it comes to the Interweave Editorial staff – or are they always on their yarn game, constantly cranking out finished objects like there is no tomorrow? You will come to find that a handmade life is a well-rounded one, and that yes, our team of knitters and creators do have other hobbies. Take knitscene Editor Hannah Baker. She likes pizza. For real.

My friends and coworkers think I’m obsessed with pizza. They aren’t wrong, I just think they’re a little more excited about the whole thing than I am. I’m, like, way super chill about it all. I’ve been making homemade pizza from scratch for several years, and I love to make it for important people in my life as a way of showing them I care about them. Pizza = love. I’ve also dressed as pizza for Halloween two years in a row, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised when random items show up in my office, contributing to the awesomeness of my pizza shrine.


Thanks to Heather Zoppetti, Lindsay Smith, Bekah Thrasher, and Kristin Mortenson for contributing to my office pizza shrine.

What is it about the Italian pie that I love so much? It seems like a stupid question to ask, because: pizza. But really, when it comes down to it, pizza is easy to love for a lot of the same reasons that knitting is. Don’t believe me? Read on to see what I mean (and check out my personal recipe for my favorite homemade pizza!)

That’s me in a pizza hoodie making pizza for people I love.

7 Ways Pizza is Like Knitting


1. There are endless possibilities

Between the toppings, types of crust, sauces, and cheeses you can put onto your pie, there are a million different ways it can turn out. From a simple deep dish with pepperonis to an artisan, flat-bread with anchovies, you could try everything under the sun and never make the same thing twice. With knitting, there are also many choices to make along the way, each decision influencing the ultimate outcome of the project. The pattern, the yarn, the color, any variations you might make—all of the options out there lead to an endless number of final products. With both pizza and knitting, there’s no room for boredom!

2. You can’t really mess it up

Sure, not all pizza is created equal. Some is clearly much tastier than others. But even if you are eating a cheap, frozen pizza, that is better than having no pizza at all. You’ve got bread, sauce, and cheese happening—things could be a lot worse. Similarly in knitting, sometimes we think it’s not good enough if the main ingredient (aka yarn) is low quality, if we make a mistake, or if the project turns out different than we expected. We doubt ourselves when our knitting isn’t perfect, but in my mind, if you are knitting at all, you are doing it right.

pizza ingredients

3. You can buy it or make it (but in your heart you know you should make it)

You can go to Pizza Hut or Domino’s or another chain for semi-decent, fairly inexpensive concoction that will satiate your need for something greasy on the spot. On the other hand, you can put time and labor into creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. You can also find cheap knits at chain stores, or make something yourself that you know will last at least a lifetime. Homemade always wins over store-bought pizza and knitwear both, and the delayed gratification that comes with the handmade is always worth it over a quick fix.

4. You put your heart into it

We don’t create things by hand for just anyone. With the time and labor we put into handmade projects, we are actually putting our love into creating them. Items like homemade pizza and handmade knits usually go to people who are very important to us, and we are telling them “I love you” by gifting these things. The finished products are more than just a delicious meal to eat or a warm sweater to wear, they are truly a representation of love.

5. It’s addicting

Pizza is literally addicting. Seriously, studies show it’s true. This is not my opinion, it is pure fact. I have noticed that the more pizza I eat, the more pizza I want to eat pizza. And the more I knit, the more I want to knit. It’s a strange phenomenon, but it’s real. Once you’re hooked there’s no turning back.

6. It’s comforting

Pizza and knitting both have the ability to help relax us. Stress-eating sure is a thing that happens during stressful times, and I know when I am stressed my beloved tomato sauce based, cheesy friend is my go-to. When I am so overwhelmed I don’t know what to do, I take a step back and spend some time knitting to calm my nerves. Pizza and knitting both have comforting, calming effects that can help us through difficult times (though one might be a little healthier to turn to than the other).

7. It has a community

Pizza night and knit night are not too terribly different. During the former, people gather to enjoy each other’s company, catch up on the latest gossip and happenings, and enjoy delicious pizza together. Knit night is for people to gather and enjoy each other’s company, catch up on the latest gossip and happenings, and enjoy delicious knitting. (Bonus points if you make a pizza and knit night happen!)

So, there you have it. A very important outline of all the ways pizza is just like knitting. What is another completely random thing, that might be something you love, that is similar to knitting, and why?

Bonus puppy photo: My dog, Girlfriend, loves pizza just as much as I do. Like mother, like daughter.

Happy pizza-ing and knitting,

You want the pizza? We got the pizza, people!

> Click here for Hannah’s recipe! <

Give Pizza and Knitting a Try!


  1. Cindy C at 9:25 am August 23, 2017

    You make your own sauce but don’t make your own mozzarella? (And, also, one word: bacon. There should be bacon.)

  2. Myriam G at 12:59 pm August 31, 2017

    Knitting is a bit like yoga;
    – as a beginner, both yoga and knitting can be frustrating
    – you soon get the hang of it,though
    – both are great exercise for the brain and can have a meditative effect on the mind
    – yoga and knitting can releave stress
    – you can do both activity by yourself, or be part of a group
    – it’s recommended to take classes if you want to improve beyond a certain point
    – it’s fun to go to a festival of yarn/yoga once in a while, specially if you tend to be a solitary practitioner

    BIG BONUS: these activities complement each other nicely. You can knit all kinds of clothes for your yoga practice (even pants!) and you can do knitter’s yoga for maintaining the flexibility of those hands and wrists. Two of my passions walking hand in hand.

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