7 Thanksgiving Décor Projects That Will Make You Want to Crochet

I know what you’re thinking. “What am I doing here? This is an outrage! I’m a knitter and don’t want to look at crochet patterns.” Rest assured, friend, you DO want to look at crochet patterns. I’m a fellow knitter, and certainly I’m not the only one yearning to make Thanksgiving décor as fall approaches. The problem is finding home décor patterns for knitting. And that’s because these patterns are just better in crochet. My colleague Sara Dudek (associate editor for Interweave Crochet), an amazing knitter AND crocheter, explains the benefits of crocheting over knitting when it comes to home décor.

1. Crochet allows for stiffer construction in your project.

“Knitting is a series of interlocking loops while crochet is a series of interlocking knots. Both knitting and crochet can seem stiff depending on the yarn or needle/hook size you use, but it is easier to get a stiff fabric in crochet because of its knot-like construction. Stiff fabrics are ideal for home décor projects.”

2. Crochet patterns are not limited to the number of stitches you can get on a needle.

“With standard crochet, the loops on the hook correspond only to the stitch you are working, allowing you to make projects that are many stitches wide. It also makes it easier to work in the round for a floor pouf or a circular pillow. Plus, in crochet, you can bind off and rejoin your yarn just about anywhere! With knitting, you’d have to put stitches on stitch holders or pick up a certain amount of stitches to rejoin. That can make home décor projects more complicated in knitting and easier to accomplish in crochet.”

So now that we are all in agreement about crocheted home décor, check out these 7 awesome patterns I found on Ravelry. They are perfect for creating an unforgettable evening at your place and can make great hostess gifts at someone else’s feast. I hope you find at least one thing to add to your yearly traditions.

Use the below pattern to create a beautiful wall hanging or think bigger and provide your guests with a gorgeous photo backdrop for selfies and family photos. Your photo-obsessed family members will thank you.

Falling Leaves by Becky Garratt

crochet decor patterns

To see the remaining items on our crochet décor idea list, head over to the Interweave crochet feed!

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Have all your décor needs been met? What will you wear to the party?


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