7 Sweaters for Any Occasion in Twin Peaks

What’s a girl to do when supernatural forces are out to get her? Dress fantastically, of course! Here are 7 sweaters for every occasion in Twin Peaks, Washington, from sitting through algebra class at the local high school to spending some quality time in the Red Room.

1. Best Sweater to Accessorize with a Log: Chesapeake Jacket

twin peaks

Is your best friend a hunk of wood who shares otherworldly advice with you? If so, this crabby sweater might be your style! This comfy, Cowichan-style sweater is perfect for taking long walks through the forest with your log. Smell those pine trees.


2. Best Sweater for Smoking in the Girl’s Room: Chevron Deep-V Pullover

twin peaks

Be as bad as you wanna be. This sexy sweater-girl pullover pairs well with petty revenge and seduction.


3. Best Jacket for Brooding over Your Best Friend’s Death: Northern Lights Jacket

twin peaks

Before you move in on your deceased best friend’s boyfriend, take a moment to jazz up your wardrobe. Wrap up your teenage angst in this stunning stranded sweater.


4. Best Cardigan for Hanging out in a Diner: On the Go Gansey Jacket

twin peaks

When going out for coffee, it’s good to have plenty of elbow-room in your sweater. With its drop-shoulder sleeves, your pie-eating won’t be hampered by tight armholes. Don’t forget to order a slice of pie.


5. Best Cardigan for Managing the Sheriff’s Station: Hungarian Rhapsody

twin peaks

This intarsia cardigan is boxy yet feminine! The ideal sweater for wooing a small-town deputy.


6. Best Pullover for Running a Sawmill: Victoria Yoke Pullover

twin peaks

You may have tried to kill your husband and are evading a stalker, but that’s no reason to give up your sense of style! Pair this funnel-neck top with a jacket, and you’re ready to take on the evilest of foes.


7. Best Top for Reminding Everyone that
Paranoia is a Good Thing: Nocturnal Pullover

twin peaks

Best not to say too much about this one. The owls are not what they seem.

Are you watching Twin Peaks, either the original series or the return?

What sweater would you make for a trip through the unknown?


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