7 Reasons to Love these Summer Knitting Projects

Summer knitting can mean a few different things. First, it can mean knitting things you can wear during the summer. These items are usually lightweight, knit with plant fibers like cotton or linen, and often have open or lacy stitch patterns.

Secondly, summer knitting can simply mean knitting something during the summer that is comfortable to knit during warm weather, but isn’t necessarily appropriate to wear until it gets cooler out. These items are generally smaller—hats, cowls, mittens—so you don’t overheat as you knit them in the warmer weather.

Knitscene Summer 2019 has projects that fall into both of these categories. If you are in the mood to knit those lighter weight, plant-fiber projects, there are projects for you. If you want to work on something smaller that is for another season, there are plenty of cross-season projects like that. There is such a variety of types of projects in this issue that there really is something for everyone and every mood.

Check out the 7 types of projects for summer knitting that are in knitscene Summer 2019 below!

1. Shawls

summer knitting

Clockwise from top left: Welded Lace Shawl, Flames Shawl, Combustion Shawl, Ignition Point Shawl, Plasma Shawl. Photos by Harper Point Photography

The five shawls in this issue vary in fiber, size, and openness of stitch pattern. For lightweight summer knitting, check out the Welded Lace Shawl, Plasma Shawl, and Flames Shawl. To equip yourself with heavier shawls for cooler weather, go for the Combustion Shawl or Ignition Point Shawl.

2. Tops

summer knitting

Clockwise from top left: Exothermic Tunic, Prometheus Top, Flash Point Top, Sparks Top. Photos by Harper Point Photography

All four of these tops are great to knit and wear in the summer. They each use cotton or linen yarn, or some blend of the two, which makes them nice and lightweight. They’re all short-sleeved or sleeveless, so if you want to wear them in the fall as well as summer, just make sure to layer up.

3. Hats

summer knitting

Clockwise from top left: Sweet Spot Hat, Diadem Effect Beret, New Growth Hat, Mended Heart Hat. Photos by Harper Point Photography

These four hats are ideal for summer knitting! Three of the four feature simple embroidered or visibly mended accents, which gives you a new craft to try this summer. Smaller projects are perfect to bring with you on all your summer adventures.

4. Lightweight Sweaters

summer knitting

From left to right: Beacon Fire Cardigan, Flickering Pullover, Kindling Cardigan. Photos by Harper Point Photography

Although it’s the summer issue, there’s no reason not to include at least a few sweaters! These sweaters feature plant fiber yarns, open stitches, and/or shorter sleeves. Knit and wear these in the summer or fall!

5. Mitts

summer knitting

Left: Oxidation Mitts. Right: Butterfly Mitts. Photos by Harper Point Photography

Summer mitts! It might feel a little weird to wear mitts in the summer, but knitting these up and working the embroidery is a great summer craft to keep your inspiration burning. Plus, if you work somewhere that blasts the AC in the summertime, you can wear these inside to keep your fingers from freezing.

6. Socks

summer knitting

Mended Heart Socks. Photo by Harper Point Photography

There’s even a pair of socks in this issue! It matches the Mended Heart Hat (above) and also features visible mending—a great technique to try out in the summer months for year-round socks.

7. A bag!

summer knitting

Fused Market Tote. Photo by Harper Point Photography

Lastly, there is even a bag in this collection! The yarn used is a cotton-linen blend, so it’s a great summer knit that gives you something you can use year-round.

Get your summer knitting on with this issue! Which project are you knitting this summer?

Happy summer knitting,


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