7 Do-Not-Miss Men’s Sweaters for 2019

Men’s sweaters, schmen’s sweaters, amirite?! A sweater is a sweater, and if you’re a lady who wants to wear a “men’s” sweater—or vice versa—go nuts! Wear whatever works best for your body type and makes you feel confident and comfortable. Here are seven thoughtful and flattering sweaters to knit this year!


Science teacher and knitwear designer Andrea Cull designed this sweater’s cables based on DNA and RNA structures. The worsted-weight wool and various cable stitches make this smart sweater extra cozy. It’s perfect for any biology enthusiast and/or knitting nerd.


The Laboratory Pullover is a clean-looking sweater knit in fine merino yarn. Designed by Jessie McKitrick in Sugar Bush Yarns Crisp (affiliate link), it resembles a fisherman’s sweater, with a simple cable pattern that adds a nice texture.


Who doesn’t love a nice, comfortable henley? The casual Cotswold Henley has a roomy, comfortable fit, but with a subtle sophistication. Enjoy a variety of textured stitch patterns that create a near-woven looking fabric. Personalize the sweater with buttons that suit your style.


Continuing on the henley train, we have another one, designed by Mary Anne Benedetto for Interweave Knits Winter 2017. This sweater has a nice, balanced combination of stockinette stitch and ribbing and simple cables. The Limerick Henley is perfect for a number of environments and activities and is sure to become a wardrobe staple.


The Donegal Sweater is precisely what you should be wearing if you happen to be smoking out of an old-school tobacco pipe. It’s a requirement. I’m not saying you should take up smoking in 2019, but if you do, no judgement, unless you don’t knit this to wear to look classy AF while you’re doing it. The shawl collar and the diamond stitch pattern make this the ultimate grandpa sweater.


Let’s mix things up and get a colorwork sweater in here! What even is that creature? A scorpion? A lobster? A mythical creature? Who knows, but it’s cool! The diamond colorwork pattern and the hood create variety for this Moira Engel design.


This sweater is so classic, I couldn’t tell at first if it was published in a recent issue, or was a timeless pattern published years ago. It’s knit in a soft tweed yarn, in a waffle-stitch pattern. It’s an uncomplicated knit that is bound to last decades in style and wear.

Which one do you like best? Which one will you knit this year?

Happy sweater knitting!

Knit all the sweaters!


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  1. Sherry H at 9:15 am January 11, 2019

    Well, these sweaters are just beautiful and I might make some of them for myself. Do you hear a “but…” coming? My husband of 50+ years isn’t built like any of your models and I’m not real skilled at making adjustments in patterns. How about something for a more portly guy? Or maybe an article on how to adjust a size? Just sayin’ . At any rate, keep up the good work as your magazine the only one I buy. Sherry H. in snowy Colorado.

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