6 Reasons You HAVE to Get in on This Knitting Subscription Service!

|Sponsored| Have you ever signed up for a knitting subscription service that sent patterns, yarn, and knitting needles right to your door? I’ve ordered the occasional knitting kit, with all those things right in the box, but they were each just a one-time deal. I didn’t even know that knitting subscription services were a thing until Interweave and Crea Crafts started partnering, and we learned about their Knit and Stitch Creative program.

So, what’s Knit and Stitch Creative all about? And why would you subscribe? Keep reading for a list of six reasons why this program is AWESOME, and how it can help you learn and grow as a knitter and end up with a really cool project.

1. You Learn As You Go

When you sign up for the Knit and Stitch Creative subscription, a box with four new issues is delivered to your door once a month. With each delivery comes instructions on a different knitting technique that you learn and practice by knitting two squares of each. The techniques start with the basics, like garter and stockinette stitches, but then get more advanced as you go. You learn cables, bobbles, and all sorts of different combination stitches. Each set of squares is different, and they send you two balls with each issue to knit four squares.

Your squares will eventually become this gorgeous throw! All photos courtesy of Eaglemoss/Crea Crafts.

Your squares will eventually become this gorgeous throw! All photos courtesy of Eaglemoss/Crea Crafts.

2. You Save $$

This program is super affordable—start with a FREE trial (only pay $1.95 for shipping)! And in your first delivery, you receive the first three issues including detailed instructions and yarn, as well as knitting needles, crochet hooks, a cable needle, and a cool needle case as a free gift! So you get some serious bang for your buck.

3. You Get Free Gifts

I mentioned the first free gift in #2, but you get THREE more when you stick with the subscription. In your second delivery, you get an awesome binder notebook that holds all your magazine issues as they come in (each come with hole punches). In the third delivery, you get a complimentary craft bag that is nice and big enough to hold your supplies. In the sixth delivery, you get a kit for their Bobble Beanie Hat, the instructions for which are in your first issue. You can take a peek at all this stuff right on the Crea Crafts website.

4. It’s Delivered Right to Your Door

Don’t get out much? Too busy with life and family and work to make time for the craft store? This is a great option if you are a homebody or just don’t have time to source knitting materials, whether you are brand-new to the craft and want to learn, or have been knitting for years and just need to get your paws on some new yarn!

5. You Get to Create a Beautiful Throw

Remember those squares I mentioned you are knitting every week? Sew them together as you finish them, and eventually, you have a nice, big throw blanket to show off all your skills (and keep you super warm). The palette suits a variety of home décor styles and colors.

6. You Get to Enjoy Knitting Every Day

We could all make more time to slow down and bring creativity into our days. Knit and Stitch Creative helps you do just that. There’s not so much to knit each week that you’ll be overwhelmed or fall behind, but rather, these squares give you an opportunity to slow down for a few moments each day.


We hope you’ll check out this service for yourself and find something about it that totally delights you. Check out Crea Crafts online at www.knit-and-stitch.com, find them on Facebook and Pinterest at CreaCrafts, on Instagram @creacrafts, and to find what others are doing and share your own progress, use the hashtags #creacraft and #knitandstitchcreative. Join the nearly one million other knitters who are subscribed and loving this service and process.

Happy knitting, stitching, and creating,