5 Cool Circular Yoke Sweaters for Cozy Fall Style

Circular yoke sweaters are my personal favorite, though not everybody loves them. Traditionally made in the round, in either a top-down or bottom-up construction, the silhouette of yoked sweaters doesn’t suit everybody. Any seamless garment will have less structure than a seamed sweater, and some people prefer a closer fit in the shoulder area. But because yoke sweaters don’t have clearly defined armholes—that circular yoke grows organically into sleeves—colorwork and cable patterns can really shine. I think you can’t go wrong with a yoked sweater, whether you want a cozy warm sweater for winter or a lighter garment for fall or spring.

These are my top 5 circular yoke sweaters from our Interweave library. Check out some great circular yoke sweaters that beginners will love, then move up to colorwork and even steeking.

Yoke sweaters. I’m not talkin’ about eggs.

Angelina Pullover from Interweave Knits Fall 2017

Ready to break into the world of circular yoke sweaters? Start with Mary Ann Benedetto’s Angelina Pullover. A beautiful cascade of wide cables on the yoke meets an oversized stockinette body with rounded hems (worked with short-rows).

Museum Piece Pullover from Love of Knitting Summer 2017

Take the next step in the world of circular yoke sweaters with the Museum Piece Pullover. Faina Goberstein designed an unusual cable pattern separated from the plain body by some garter ridges. Waist shaping on this pattern creates a tailored and flattering fit.

Steampunk Sweater from Knitting Traditions Fall 2017

Get your feet wet with a little colorwork. Gear motifs decorate the circular yoke on Julia Farwell-Clay’s Steampunk Sweater, then waist shaping, three-quarter sleeves, and more colorwork at the cuffs help define the waist. Keep those floats loose, and you’ll have a beautifully fitting lightweight sweater.

Azure Lake Sweater from Interweave Knits Fall 2016

Bands of color brighten up the yoke and cuffs of this classic sweater. Anne Podlesak chose traditional motifs; make them subtle or expressive with your color choices. Though Anne’s version used 3 contrast colors, you’ll only knit with 2 colors at a time. It’s another great project for someone who’s comfortable knitting without a lot of experience in stranded colorwork.

Prairie Wind Cardigan from Interweave Knits Fall 2017

If you’re ready for advanced colorwork, this is the design for you. Allover patterning with a main color and 5 contrast colors will keep your needles clicking long into the night. Work Amy Gunderson’s cardigan in the traditional Fair Isle way: one piece knit in the round (with only 2 colors per round) with a steek. Taking scissors to your hard work can be terrifying, but this tried-and-true method has served knitters for many years.

For some advice on steeking, check out Eunny Jang’s steeking video, or check out the Steeking Whisperer, Kyle Kunnecke, and his course on steeking.

Circular yoke sweaters are a classic and exciting knit. These sweaters run the gambit from beginner friendly to your next great challenge. Do you have any favorite Interweave circular yoke sweaters I didn’t list? Have you recently cast on one of these sweaters? Let us know on Facebook!

Yours in yarn,
Gus C. Baxter

Which of These Yoke Sweaters Will Be Yours?

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  1. Myriam G at 3:15 pm November 1, 2017

    A personal favourite is the Radian Yoke, from Knitscene, summer 2011. A great pattern that I knitted twice into beloved garments.

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