5 Ways to Make Yellow Work for You

Too often we’ve been told that you have to have just the right coloring to wear yellow. That not everyone can pull it off. But yellow yarn can be so pretty. If you love yellow, don’t let fashion’s old rules keep you from making your favorite sweater in a beautiful yellow yarn. Here are 6 ways everyone can wear this sunny shade.

1. Wear it to reflect your mood.

Laura Hulslander, project editor for knitting, is a yellow-wearing inspiration around the office. She wears yellow frequently, and it always looks good on her. We asked Laura for her yellow-wearing secrets and this is what she said: “I’ve always worn yellow; I never knew other people were afraid of wearing it! As a kid, my mom felt I was a “Fall” and dressed me in autumnal colors like gold and red, the colors of the changing leaves. As an adult, I tend toward springier colors, including a nice lemon yellow. It’s just such a cheerful color, like a ray of sunshine you can wear wherever you go.” Laura made the Kathe Cardigan from Interweave Knits Fall 2016 for her article Better Than Frogging see how great it looks!

2. Find your shade.

Don’t wear shades of yellow you don’t like. A bright yellow or a baby yellow might not be your color, but there is sure to be a shade that you’ll love. Sarah was always told yellow wasn’t her color growing up, but she saw this lovely golden yarn, fell in love, and knew she had to make something with it. Check out her Wayworn Cap in a lovely golden color.

3. When in doubt, use lace.

If you’ve never worn solid yellow, you can take baby steps by making a lacy accessory like the Bit o’ Lace Scarf by Kristin Omdahl from Interweave Crochet Accessories 2016. A lace accessory doesn’t have the same bold statement of color as other styles, and it allows the colors you’re more familiar with to shine through.

4. Pair it with a darker color.

Bright colors always look best when they have some balance. If you’ve worried that a bright yellow is too much for you, find a darker color to balance it out. Black, navy, evergreen, rusty orange, and deep purple are all fantastic colors to pair with shades of yellow.

5. Wear it as an accent color.

Your whole outfit doesn’t have to be yellow: wear a small cowl, shawl, or hat in this bold hue. If it’s still a color you’re not sure about, start off in small amounts. Try the Moon Ridge Cowl from Interweave Crochet Fall 2017 or the Aurelia Cowl from knitscene Spring 2015.

6. Wear it to brighten your day, and don’t be afraid!

What better way to bring out a smile than wearing a fun color? Manifest your mood with a happy shade of yellow. If you’re looking for golden yellow projects, check out the Gold Dust series of projects in knitscene Spring 2015.

Happy golden stitching!
—Sarah and Sara

Posted February 19, 2018. Updated February 20, 2019.

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  1. Elizabeth M at 9:08 am February 25, 2019

    Definitely find your shade. I bought a sunny yellow sweater that looked fine in the dressing room, but awful at home. I like to look at bright, sunny yellow, but it makes me look ill.

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