5 Ways to Wear an Infinity Scarf

I love Talitha Kuomi’s Morphing Cowl from Knitscene Winter 2015. It’s worked in an delightful yarn with a neutral, handpainted colorway, and as we show in the magazine, it can be worn in a couple of ways. Talitha designed it to be worn in a variety of ways, so here’s five ways to wear an infinity scarf such as the Morphing Cowl.


Leave it long and unlooped for a chic scarf look that won’t get tangled under your arms or caught in doors (look, some of us have trouble with scarves…).


Loop it once for a cozy warm layering accessory to keep out the chilly breezes.


Wear it as a shrug! Slip your arms through the cowl with the main body behind you and it can become a lightweight layer to keep your arms and shoulders warm.


We paired a couple of JUL closures with the cowl to close up the shrug-style in the back. Depending on the length of your infinity scarf, the back of the shrug may not need anything to keep it closed.


Use a closing hardware, like the JUL fasteners, and pull the cowl down over your shoulders a bit for a classic style.


Finally, Louisa draped one end of the cowl on top of her head, and then looped the long end over her head to create an all-encompassing snood-like accessory to keep not only her neck but also her ears warm.

Grab the pattern to knit the Morphing Cowl along with eight other knitted accessory patterns and so much more in the all new Knitscene Winter 2015! Plus, if you order your copy from Shop.KnittingDaily.com, you can get a bonus sock knitting pattern for free!

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