5 Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Knitwear

I've recently become a better photographer, and it's all because of Gale Zucker. Gale is a knitter and professional photographer, and her webinar, Basic Photography Skills For Knitters, is fantastic.

I was lucky enough to be the host for the webinar, so I got to sit in with all of the attendees and learn along with them.

Gale presented so many helpful techniques—it was hard for me to pick just five to share with you, but I did it! Here they are:

1. Experiment with contrasting backgrounds when photographing your knits. Get several colors of fat quarters at your local fabric shop and see which one really makes your project pop. 2. Let kids be kids! Set up a situation, wrap ‘em in knitwear, and follow them around. This sweet photo is a result of the follow-around technique. 3. If you have to shoot a project photo flat, try stacking the knits and using depth of field to create interest. Try shooting from different angles, too.
4. Shooting from above can eliminate a horizon and simplify the background. I love the focus on this fanciful crown. 5. You are the boss of the photo! Take charge. If you want to put a granny square in a tiny frying pan, do it!

I've used all of these tips to great effect. It's fun to experiment with my camera, taking lots of photos to try to get the perfect shot. I'm even taking better photos with my iPhone! Amazing.

Download a recording of Basic Photography Skills For Knitters today. You'll be glad you did, and so will your Facebook and Ravelry photos!

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P.S. Do you have a photography tip to share? Leave a comment and let 'er rip!

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