5 Things to Love about the White Smoke Cardigan

Since the release of knitscene Fall 2017, the White Smoke Cardigan by Alison Green has garnered the most favorites on Ravelry of any project in that issue, sitting at almost 600 favorites as I’m writing this. What makes the White Smoke Cardigan so lovable? It’s a combination of several things coming together in a perfect storm of beautiful knitting. Here are 5 things we love about the White Smoke Cardigan.

White Smoke Cardigan

White Smoke Cardigan

1. Silhouette & drape

The classic and feminine silhouette allows for casual comfort and a bit of roominess. And with a long body, it’s great for covering up that special part of one’s back when one bends over (ahem . . . I’m mostly talking about myself here . . . it can be a problem). The drape of the knitted fabric is flowy and relaxed, making this cardigan a super comfortable piece to wear.

2. Top-down construction

As the designer Alison Green says about top-down sweaters, “[They are] justifiably popular for their ease (because there is no sewing) and flexibility—try it on as you go to check the fit!” Who doesn’t love not having to sew together pieces together to finish a garment? Additionally, the set-in sleeves utilize short-rows for shaping, which are totally hot right now.

White Smoke Cardigan

3. Cables

The cables down the back of the sweater add some interest in a sea of stockinette, and they run down the front collar as well. (Check out our Interweave Yarn Hack on cabling without a cable needle and become a cabling BOSS!)

4. Pocketes, precious!

Let’s talk about the importance of pockets. Pockets are significant influencers during the decision-making process of deciding whether to buy or make a piece of clothing. The pockets on this cardigan are appropriately sized to fit a cell phone, keys, or a tiny good-lucky unicorn (I don’t have one of these, but if someone knows where I could get one I’d love to know).

White Smoke Cardigan

5. The yarn

Alison Green is apart of the Berroco design team, and selected Berroco Cotolana for this project. Cotolana blends wool, cotton, and a little bit of nylon, which makes it a lovely transitional piece that you won’t burn up in even if it’s not super cold outside (it’s a great candidate for women’s winter so you can wear it year-round). The knitted fabric is soft, lofty, and durable, which will make a long-lasting wardrobe staple out of the White Smoke Cardigan.


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