5 Things to Love about knitscene Spring 2018

Knitscene Spring 2018 is out now, and even though it might feel early to break out the spring knitting, we’re too excited to tell you about it to wait any longer. (Pro tip: it’s never too early to break out your knitting, regardless of season.) Check out the list below—and pick up your issue!—to find out what we’re loving about knitscene Spring 2018.

knitscene Spring 2018

A quick snapshot of all the tubular ‘90s projects

1. ‘90s, ‘90s, ‘90s!

The main project story of this issue centers around nineties-inspired projects, updated for a modern wardrobe with a nostalgic vibe. The story includes ten projects ranging from waffle-stitch pullovers to barely-there, translucent crop tops. They remind us of Clueless and Empire Records, Nirvana, the Alloy Catalog, and quintessentially nineties stores like Gadzooks. (Don’t worry, no Furbies here.) In typical nineties fashion, we styled these projects with mesh tights, ripped denim, clunky combat boots, and everyone’s favorite: flannel. Don’t miss these or the ode to nineties knitwear spread!

knitscene Spring 2018

Get spring-ready with some helpful layers.

2. Spring Layers

The smaller, complementary project story in the issue revolves around garments you can store in your bag during the day and pull out when it gets chilly on spring nights. Six projects featuring lace panels, airy silhouettes, and lightweight wools in pinks and greens appeal to one’s girlier side.

3. German Short-Row Magic

This issue’s technical article was written by knitting expert Roxanne Richardson, and it’s all about German Short-Rows: why they are awesome, when you should substitute them, when you probably shouldn’t, and a full explanation of how to adapt short-row instructions when you opt for the German method. It’s a great method to know, even if you don’t use it every time.

knitscene Spring 2018

What ever could this be?!

4. Cool Gear

We’ve included a roundup of some nifty and cute stuff for you and your knitting loved ones. Knitting narwhals, unique wooden buttons, and hand-dyed COTTON from indie dyers are just a few nuggets you can look forward to. Spoiler alert: I’m not going to spoil the entire Gear Guide for you—have to check it out for yourself!

5. Fresh Designers

Knitscene Spring features six new-to-us designers who are publishing with Interweave and/or knitscene for the first time. I can’t wait to see how each of their design journeys unfold!

knitscene Spring 2018

Nicole Tavares is a knitwear designer and teacher who lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her favorite knitting projects involve playing with texture and unique garment constructions. Find her on Ravelry as nicoletavares.

knitscene Spring 2018

Erin Mae Searl has been knitting for more than twenty years. She lives and designs on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, where she finds inspiration in the stories of the people around her. Find more information and designs at www.erinmaedesigns.com and find Erin on Ravelry
as erinmaesearl.

knitscene Spring 2018
Kylen Tennies is a knitwear designer living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In addition to running her knitting blog, and managing/teaching at her local yarn shop, Knit One, she still finds time to dye yarn with her best friend for their small business, Stitch Party. Follow her on Instagram at @mynameiskylen.

knitscene Spring 2018
Caroline Dick is a knitwear designer from British Columbia, Canada. Her favorite way to design is to take simple techniques and instructions and make them interesting. She is also passionate about stretching yarn use to get the most economical ratio of yarn to garment.

Laura Peters grew up on Cape Cod and now lives just outside Boston, Massachusetts. Find her online and on Ravelry as laurabeth326.

Cara Marco is an assistant library director in Kentucky. She dreams of knitting a colorwork sweater patterned with quotes from books and wearing it as much as possible. Find her on Ravelry as Bonavita.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on all this great stuff now! Order your copy of knitscene Spring 2018 today!


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