5 Reasons Why You Should Crochet

October was a crazy month for me, I started my first colorwork project, sewed my first dress, and completed my first crochet garment! I have no idea what has spurned this productive streak but it’s been such a fulfilling and productive month full of challenges, triumph, and problem-solving.

Between my struggles with colorwork and my busy seam-ripper, crocheting this top has been a welcome relaxation activity. One surprise is that I am way better at matching gauge with crochet than I’ve ever been with knitting. And thank goodness because this is also my first fitted-garment attempt. Now that I’m “hooked,” I want to share this great craft with everyone!

My Botanic Summer Vest by Aiqi Huang! Please forgive the mess of loose ends!

My Botanic Summer Vest by Aiqi Huang! Please forgive the mess of loose ends!

Here’s Why You Should Consider Attempting a Crochet Project:

1. You can use all of your knitting confidence to work through mistakes and navigating a pattern. The mental thought-processes of using yarn and stitches to make a garment are very much transferable.

2. Crochet feels faster and I only had to learn 4-5 things to make this top. It was a perfect break from knitting when I got frustrated with my colorwork project.

3. Learning new things is good for your brain and gives your hands and wrists a break from repetitive knitting movements.

4. Crochet lets you make the most adorable decorations with little time (and money) invested.

5. Have you seen Interweave Crochet lately? It’s incredible. The fall issue is full of stunning projects and delightful home décor! My crochet queue is a bit behind the publishing schedule; I’ve got my sights set on the Oasis Shell by Juliette Bezfold.

I started this month with a lot of confidence in my knitting abilities but almost none in my crochet and sewing. I was able to transfer a bit of that confidence in problem-solving and working through directions into my new craft obsessions.

Are you attempting a new craft this fall? Tell us about it in the comments!

Happy crafting,


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