5 Reasons to Find a Knit Night Near You

One of the main draws of knitting is the duality of doing it by yourself and knitting with other people. On the one hand, it’s a great activity for personal quiet time because it has that meditative and therapeutic quality; on the other, it is a marvelous way for people to come together and connect. “Knit nights” happen every day all over the world, organized and driven by knitters and yarn shops.

Knit Night

Are you looking for a knit night in your area? You can do a general Internet search for one, or go right to Ravelry Groups and search for the state or area you live in. There are hundreds of these groups listed on Ravelry, so you’re bound to find something promising! You can always start your own knit night, too!

Not sure if you want to go to a knit night with other humans? Check out this list of reasons why you should try it!

1. Knit nights are a great way to meet other people in your community.

You’ll know right off the bat that you have knitting in common, which will help pave the way to deeper conversations. You’re bound to find people with whom you have lots in common that you might not have met otherwise!

2. Get some help on a difficult project.

Take that tricky project that you’ve been stuck on for a few months and ask for help! Knitters are friendly people who like to show off all their knowledge. Asking for help will make you a stronger knitter.

3. There might be food and drinks!

Who can resist a complimentary charcuterie platter?

Knit Night

Members of the Interweave staff always find their way to Knit Night!

4. Support local business.

Whether the knit night is at a local yarn shop, restaurant, bookstore, or brewery, it’s a great time to support small business owners in your area, which helps to further build community.

5. Catch up with old friends!

If you’ve been attending a knit night for a while, or have a lot of knitting friends, it’s a great time to gab and catch up on everything that’s happened since you last saw each other. The camaraderie can leave you feeling refreshed and creatively inspired!

Every Thursday, Interweave Knitting will feature a different Knit Night. Are you already part of a knitting group or knit night? What makes it awesome? Tell us about it in the comments and you could be selected for a Knit Night feature!

Happy knitting,