5 Patterns from Unexpected Cables That You Need on Your Needles Now!

Are you a lover of all things intricate in your knitting? Do you find yourself craving cables? Find your next fix with Unexpected Cables!

If you didn’t already know, Unexpected Cables, from Heather Zoppetti, overflows with modern yet timeless knitted patterns that feature cables worked, as the name would imply, in unique and surprising ways. In addition to the 18 gorgeous knits you’ll find on this book’s pages, Heather includes helpful tips and tricks that no cable knitter should be without. Trust me when I say that this book is a must-have for any cable lover. Still don’t believe me? Take a peek at five of our favorite patterns from Unexpected Cables that will have you itching to cast-on some cables in no time!

Stevens Vest

Starting with my personal favorite, the Stevens Vest is a cable lover’s dream in the form of a circular sweater. Beginning with a shawl cast-on that blooms into a large flower medallion, the Stevens Vest features reversible cabling along the edge.

F+W Media, Inc. by Joe Hancock

Warwick Tam

Both cozy and stylish, the Warwick Tam is as fun to knit as it is to wear. With its tiny, twisted cables and slouchy silhouette, it’s the perfect accessory for even the pickiest of cable lovers!

F+W Media, Inc. by Joe Hancock

Talmage Pullover

Worked in pieces from the bottom up, the Talmage Pullover is a classic sport-inspired raglan with gorgeous allover-cabled lace patterning. Turned hems and a ribbed collar keep things clean and simple and let the cables steal the show.

F+W Media, Inc. by Joe Hancock

Fulton Shrug

The Fulton Shrug, the stunning cover project from Unexpected Cables, is a shrug and a scarf in one! Large structured cables travel up one arm, around the neck, and down the other, making for a unique statement accessory.

F+W Media, Inc. by Joe Hancock

Penryn Pullover

The standout favorite on Ravelry, the Penryn Pullover is the perfect example of an “unexpected” cable. This funky pullover features traveling, asymmetrical cables that crisscross down the shoulder and expand into the body of the sweater.

F+W Media, Inc. by Joe Hancock

So what do you think? Are you ready to dive into some serious cable knitting? Never be without cabled inspiration again with Unexpected Cables!

Happy cable knitting!


(Featured Image: ©F+W Media, Inc. by Joe Hancock)

Don’t be caught without a cable ever again!