5 Next Step Sweater Patterns to Knit

A few years ago, I compiled one of my favorite eBooks: Knitscene presents Easy Seamless Sweaters to Knit. The idea behind this original eBook was to choose patterns that would hopefully encourage knitters who wanted to knit sweaters to take the leap with super easy sweaters—every pattern in that eBook is worked from the top down with very minimal seaming but great little details that result in an chic sweater that is, most importantly, fun to knit.

Following the popularity of that first eBook, I decided I wanted to take those new sweater knitters to the next level, so I am incredibly excited to present Knitscene presents 5 Next Step Sweaters!

I pulled together five sweater knitting patterns that are ever so slightly more challenging than the sweater patterns in the first eBook, but they’re still very easy and fun to knit!

  • Breton Girl by Kat Coyle is worked in pieces from the bottom up with easy stripes. This construction introduces knitters to the basic drop-shoulder sleeve, one of the easiest to seam!
  • Cactus Blossom by Kate Jackson is knit from the bottom up for a seamless circular yoke with easy colorwork knitting. Let the yarn do all the colorwork in this seamless sweater!
  • Cypress Raglan by Amy Christoffers starts at the bottom and works up to an easy lace chart and raglan sleeves.
  • Humboldt Raglan by Alexandra Virgiel is another easy bottom-up raglan sweater with a trio of lace columns running up the front.
  • Mie Pullover by Sarah Fama is worked from the bottom up in reverse stockinette stitch (purling all the stitches on the right side) with small textural details at the sides. Small sleeve caps are great for practicing your seaming skills.

Breton Girl Sweater Pattern by Kat Coyle
Cactus Blossom Sweater Pattern by Kate Jackson
Cypress Raglan Sweater Pattern by Amy Christoffers
Humboldt Raglan Sweater Pattern by Alexandra Virgiel

Mie Pullover Sweater Pattern by Sarah Fama

My hope is that knitters who have just started knitting sweaters will find inspiration to try new techniques and expand their skill set with this “sequel.” You’ll practice seaming (mattress stitch is really easy, I swear!), working sweaters from the bottom up, a little bit of stranded colorwork, a little bit of lace knitting, and even just a bit of sleeve seaming—this is designed to be a great tool to help you practice these skills! Plus, I’ve written up quick tips for substituting yarn—sometimes we fall in love with a pattern only to find that the yarn has been discontinued, so with that in mind, I’m hoping these tips on yarn substitution help you make smart decisions on which yarns to use to knit sweaters.

And even if you’re an experienced sweater knitter, these patterns are incredibly fun to knit and wear—they’ve all been in my queue since they were first published!

Download your copy of Knitscene presents 5 Next Step Sweaters and take your sweater knitting to the next level!

Happy knitting,

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