5 Lacy Shawls To Pair With Your Little Black Dress on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite holidays. The weight of the year gone-by starts to lift (see you later 2018 and good riddance), and the hope and promise of what is to come fills the air. I love that it’s a night spent celebrating with friends. We’ll share stories, both good and bad from the year, and sip on champagne till the ball drops. But my favorite part of New Year’s Eve is getting the chance to pretend to be fancy by donning my favorite little black dress (LBD).

Perhaps you’re like me in that your LBD gets used maybe once a year on New Years Eve, or maybe it’s one of your wardrobe staples. Either way, these 5 lacy shawls from Classic Knit Shawls are the perfect complimentary accessory that can dress up any occasion worthy of an LBD.

1. Grand Army Plaza Shawl

I love this shawl from designer Melissa Wehrle. The garter-based mesh motifs create a light and elegant drape that’s easy to work up. I can see this lovely little design being worked up in a shimmery laceweight yarn for a stunning shawl.

lacy shawls

2. Junius Shawl

Want to look fancy in your LBD without completely freezing? The Junius Shawl will add a beautiful layer of warmth. (Last year it was a toasty 25 degrees here on New Year’s Eve so this shawl would have been great to have!) It’s a big half-circle shawl, at 60 inches wide and 36 inches deep, and designer Corrina Ferguson shaped the shoulders so it would stay on without a closure.

lacy shawls

3. Wheeled Lace Shawl

Talk about a statement shawl! Designer Kristin Omdahl used openwork medallions for drama, then added an unusual edging that creates circles of negative space. The result is an extremely airy and delicate shawl that will have other partygoers stopping to look (and probably wanting to touch.)

4. The Purple Shawl

Despite the name, this shawl will work up beautifully in any color. Designer Andrea Jurgrau adapted a 1922 doily pattern into a beaded crescent shape for classic elegance. This shawl would be perfect for a vintage-themed New Year’s Eve party, paired with your LBD.

5. Diospyros Shawl

The leaf motifs from vintage art lace inspired this rectangularish stole from designer Andrea Jurgrau. Beads and bobbles add texture to the oversized leaves. Work this shawl in a light silk-cashmere blend for a luxurious and classy accessory.

If you’re struggling with this more complex shawl there’s a great tutorial video on knitting perfect bobble and more in the post, Knit Shawls: Techniques you should know

I don’t know about you, but going out in your little black dress without a lacy shawl just isn’t going to feel right anymore!

Happy shawl-knitting and an even happier New Year!

Check out all 5 of these lacy shawls and more in Classic Knit Shawls!

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