5 Lacy Shawls to Wear While Exploring National Parks

I know what you are thinking: lacy shawls are not exactly what you would think of packing for an epic excursion to one of America’s national parks. Lacy shawls are easily paired with little black dresses or other elegant attire, but rarely do they get the chance to show off their true versatility. Luckily for us, designer Romi Hill is known for doing just that with her lace knitting. Her book New Lace Knitting is filled with designs perfect for exploring wide-open spaces. So pack your bags and ready your needles as we explore 5 of Romi’s lace shawls that are just begging to be paired with a trip to a national park.

lacy shawls

1. Winter Wheat Shawl + Biscayne National Park

Despite being pretty far away from where winter wheat grows, Biscayne National Park pairs perfectly with the Winter Wheat Shawl Note how the light diamond lace pattern of this shawl mimics the fractures of light on the aquamarine water’s surface. Dive in and explore coral reefs, shipwrecks, and the various aquatic lifeforms that call Biscayne home, then drape yourself in your Winter Wheat Shawl while watching the sunset over the sea.

lacy shawls

2. Town Square Shawl + Olympic National Park

Much like the ecosystems within Olympic National Park, diversity is the name of the game with the Town Square Shawl. The diamond motif in this lace shawl is deconstructed and then played on as a theme with variations. Even the traditional triangular construction has its own little twist. Take your Town Square Shawl far from town as you visit the glacier-capped peaks, rugged coastlines, and ancient temperate rainforests of Olympic.

lacy shawls

3. Oak Flat Road Shawl + Yosemite National Park

Lovely leaf panels reminiscent of the mountain foliage of Yosemite National Park enhance the simple allover lace pattern of the Oak Flat Road Shawl. Snuggle up in this large lace shawl as you take in mountain meadows, granite precipices, and breathtaking waterfalls in one of America’s oldest national parks.

lacy shawls

4. Crystal Bay Shawl + Voyageurs National Park

Do you love lakes and streams? Pack up the canoe and your Crystal Bay Shawl and venture north to Voyageurs National Park. Over 40% of the park is water, so the shawl’s Print o’ the Wave edging is the perfect mirror of your surroundings. This shawl is simple, adjustable, and classically simple, and it’ll make a great addition to your pack for chilly evenings spent camping along the shoreline.

5. Chinquapin Wrap + Rocky Mountain National Park

Alright, the Chinquapin Wrap isn’t exactly a shawl, but its loftier size makes it perfect to wear while exploring in the brisk mountain air of the Rocky Mountains. This simple lace wrap features a large lace panel interspersed with pops of textures in the form of nupps. Wrap yourself up in the Chinquapin Wrap as you venture up along Trail Ridge Road and take in the spectacular vistas at its crest, which sits at over 12,000 feet above sea level.

Are you planning your trip to a National Park yet? Cast on now and discover the versatility of lace shawls!

Happy lace shawl knitting!

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