5 Knitting Projects for the Eclipse

On Monday, parts of the United States witnessed an unusual astronomical event: a total solar eclipse. A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves directly in the path between the sun and Earth, completely blocking the sunlight. In a narrow band stretching from Oregon to South Carolina, many were able to view a total eclipse of the sun. Our Interweave office in Colorado was fairly close to the path of totality.

We walked away in awe, but also wondering how we can be better prepared for the next show – there is another solar eclipse in seven years, after all. For those that felt not-so-prepared, get started now on a project with a great celestial theme. You will be ready for whatever the universe throws your way!

1. The Eclipse Top


Let’s start with the literal. This top has a series of small feather-and-fan lace motifs cascading down the front, reminiscent of the curved phases of the eclipse.

2. The Penumbra Tee

The word penumbra means a space of partial illumination, as in the shadowy edges around a partial eclipse. The moon doesn’t completely block out light from the sun, but it obstructs enough so that shadows frame the sun.

3. The El Sol Pullover

The star (both literally and figuratively) of the eclipse is Sol, our sun. On Monday, it went completely dark for a few minutes, a phenomenon rarely seen.

4. The Luna Dress

The vanishing sun may be the main topic of discussion, but Luna, the official name for Earth’s moon, plays an equally important role during an eclipse. Luna’s shadow over the sun makes it the star player in an eclipse scenario.

5. The Heliopath Vest

What would Luna Lovegood knit for an eclipse? Maybe a vest inspired by fire horses! These mythical creatures would surely take advantage of the fleeting darkness of an eclipse to make their fiery presence known.

Did you get down with some eclipse action this week? Do you have a special knitting project to commemorate the event?

Happy star gazing,


Celestial-Themed, and Ready for Your Needles!


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