5 Things to Knit After The St. Patrick’s Day Hangover is OVER

“Happy day after Saint Patrick’s Day, everyone!” ← That’s me yelling very loudly. Are you telling me to shut up? Is the sunlight brighter than usual today? Does a greasy plate of corned beef hash with a beer chaser sound like the perfect noon o’clock breakfast? If so, you might be suffering from a St. Patrick’s Day hangover. No shame. It happens.

If you’re a knitter, there might be a WIP (or several) calling to you, but that call might be more irritating than alluring today. That’s okay. Today, ignore your needles, and eat a few slices of bacon and clotted cream slathered toast. Pull your brunch plate over while you scroll through this post; let’s indulge in 5 gorgeous, cabled, and Celtic-inspired projects to knit after the St. Patrick’s Day hangover is OVER.

1. Clear Creek Cardigan by Sarah Solomon, Interweave Knits Spring 2018

Our cover project from Interweave Knits Spring 2018 is not the project to pick up or start with a hangover. I repeat: This is NOT hangover knitting. The Clear Creek Cardigan by Sarah Solomon features stunning allover cables, a long and cozy length, and exquisite finishing details. It’s the modern-traditional knitter’s dream project (and mine). If you’re hankering for a sweet cable knit, get the soft and dreamy yarn here, and in just a few days (when the hangover is gone), a box full of alpaca will appear on your doorstep.

2. Frederick Cardigan by Michele Wang, Wool Studio Vol. III

Allover interlocking cables do not make for hangover knitting, but they do make for a phenomenal, timeless, and chic cardigan. The Frederick Cardigan by Michele Wang sports satisfying, traveling cables to entertain from beginning to end. Leave your cable needles safely tucked away until tomorrow, but you can download the pattern collection and head over to the Universal Yarn website to pick out your yarn color today. This cardigan works in either the recommended Deluxe Worsted Naturals or Deluxe Worsted.

3. Tangled Up in Gray Pullover by Sloane Rosenthal, Interweave Knits Fall 2017

One of our standouts from the Interweave Knits Fall 2017 collection, the Tangled Up in Gray Pullover by Sloane Rosenthal, features unexpected cables, deep ribbing, and a stylish cowl neck for a sophisticated and versatile look. Scoop up the pattern for tomorrow, and the yarn, which comes in 12 shades inspired by the Hudson River Valley.

4. Janus Pullover by Irina Anikeeva, knit.wear Fall/Winter 2017

Clearly, we love interlocking cables over here at Interweave. The cables of the Janus Pullover by Irina Anikeeva flow from the ribbed hem into the body. It’s a smart knit for days when the mind is sharp and the fingers nimble. So perhaps it’s not for today. Luckily, the pattern is available in both knit.wear Fall/Winter 2017 or for single download. All set for tomorrow! Oh wait, head over to the Blue Sky Fibers website to check out the squishy and colorful Woolstok, available in 21 juicy to neutral shades.

5. Eira Pullover by Linda Marveng, knit.wear Fall/Winter 2017

This one’s a hangover killer—just look at all those intricate cables and moss stitch! It’s tempting, isn’t it? Resist digging through your stash for yarn to start swatching. This project will be waiting for you tomorrow. The Eira Pullover by Linda Marveng and the Janus Pullover are from the same gorgeous, cable-filled issue of knit.wear Fall/Winter 2017. The Eira Pullover is made in The Fibre Co. Cumbra, a wool blend available in 19 shades and perfect for cables.

What have we learned? Hangover knitting is NOT a thing. Just don’t do it. But we can peruse our dream projects, add to our queues, and online shop for yarn, right? What project are you hankering to start knitting . . . tomorrow? #knitresponsibly

Meghan Babin

Spring projects to knit while you are NOT hungover.

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